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Need You Phone and Internet Repaired?

Sydney’s most trusted and reputable telephone technician service. Providing phone line repairs and installations to homes and businesses across Sydney. We are fully licenced and insured ACMA approved and accredited telephone technician. If your ISP or Telco has advised you that you need to find a private ACMA approved telephone technician to make repairs on your phone, internet, or data lines, you have found the company with an unbeaten record of accomplishment, for delivering a fast and professional service at a price that is hard to beat. All our telephone technicians have been through police background checks for our client’s piece of mind. Give us a call today to discuss with one of our technician how we can help you find and fix your phone and internet problems.






Sometimes dealing with phone and internet troubles can be a nightmare, especially if your ISP is not claiming responsibility for the disruption.. We have tried to create a system of documenting your problems so this nightmare can be minimised. If your ISP has claimed the disruption my be on your end, and we discover the problem is a network fault we will provide an online report to help with your case for your ISP.


Our techs have been trained and licences to work on your data cable network. If you have a wired network in your home or office and suspect a wiring issue we can test your cat5, cat5e or cat6 cables, connections, sockets and patch leads to find the faulty part of the network and repair or replace it. Need a wired network, and maybe a WiFi access point? Our techs can run and setup your new wired network and access points to give your home and office seamless WiFi coverage.


Our techs are moving with the times, they have a great understanding of the latest NBN technologies and how they work with your existing phone and internet lines throughout your home or business. We can find and locate faults on your internal wiring they may be disrupting your new NBN service. If you have a new HFC FTTP FTTB FTTN or Fixed Wireless and wish to connect your existing phone sockets, there a just a few simple things that need to happen and we can help you with this.


All our techs must hold a current open licence and be accredited with the Australian Communications & Media Authority. The ACMA is the regulator for the telecommunications industry, and they have rules and regulations that must be meet in installing or repairing any of your wiring, outlets and parts along you communications pathway. We are also ACMA members so we provide full transparency for you our clients and also for the regulators.


Only use ACMA accredited phone line contractors when installed or repairing your phone, data or fibre cables. For your piece of mind all our technician carry their cabling licence with them when attending your job, so if you are ever unsure ask to see it, they will be happy to oblige. SECURE A COM is Sydney most reputable communications company we provide you with a range of services to keep you connected in a busy world. Some of the services we provide are, phone line fault finding and repair, phone line installation, lead-in cable installation and repair, Pay and free to air TV cabling and repairs, data cabling and computer networking, MDF upgrades, and MDF jumpering. This is just a few of the services we provide and all of technician are accredited with the ACMA. SECURE A COM has been in the business of communications for over 15 years are we one of the top referral companies for IINet TPG Internode also getting referrals from Telstra and Optus. So if you are looking to get the job done right the first time by ACMA approved telephone technician in Sydney give us a call and speak to one of our senior technician over the phone to explain exactly what you require.

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Visit the ACMA website to find out more.

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