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ADSL dropouts? Do you have slow internet speed?  

ADSL faults can be a real pain in the backside. When you have things to do and suddenly you can’t load pages, Netflix and YouTube stop working and the kids start complaining. You might have called your ISP, and they may have run some tests over the phone, then told you that you must find a private ACMA telephone technician. We have been the #1 go to company for finding and repairing ADSL faults in Sydney for close to a decade. Our fast and friendly service keeps our clients coming back year after year.


Fast Service

Faster ADSL Speeds

Value for Money

We are the #1 company in Sydney recommended and referred by many of the major ISP including IINet – TPG – Optus – Telstra – Exetel and others. We provide you with a very reliable and speedy service that can locate and repair many of the common ADSL faults within 1 hour. We travel to most suburbs in Sydney and sometimes even diagnose the fault you are experiencing over the phone.

A lot of older homes are wired with ribbon cables and other outdated types of cable, this can be a factor in why your speeds might be slow. Also the sockets being used in the older homes can become faulty and this can slow down your speed dramatically. We can check and test all the leads you are using to make sure it is not something very simple. We can assess exactly what the issue is when we arrive and get to fixing it quickly.

If you are having problems here are a few things you can do now to check yourself to see if you can fix the problem yourself.


Isolation Test

  1. Unplug all phones, fax machines and any other devise that plug into the socket.
  2. Remove the ADSL filter from the socket.
  3. Plug only the modem into the socket using the newest lead you have.
  4. Cycle your modem buy turning it off for 30 sec then turning it back on again.
  5. If you now get sync and internet perform a speed test and see if your speed has gone up.

If you have done this test and your speeds come back up there is a good chance that something you had plugged into one of the other sockets is causing you the problem. Then start plugging one thing back in at a time as you perform a speed test after each new item is plugged back in.


A lot of the times when your internet speed slows, you will call you ISP (internet service provider) and they will run through some testes with you over the phone. Now these people are sitting in an office sometimes on the other side of the globe and are not trained technicians so there is a good chance that the results that get from there testing is inaccurate or just plain wrong. If they run their test and it seems from there end and they determine that the slow ADSL speed you are experiencing is not a network issue they will tell you to find a private telephone technician, or sometimes depending on your ISP they will send out one of their technician to assess the problem.

Now, we find a lot of the time the telephone technician from your ISP will not come into the house to isolate the lead-in cable from your internal wiring. The lead-in cable is the cable that runs from the pit or the pole on the street and connects somewhere to the internal cables of your house or building. By not isolating this cable it is impossible for them to determine if the fault is a network issue or an internal issue, because the lead-in cable is still part of the network. We find a lot now this lead-in cable is breaking down and becoming faulty, so without isolating and testing the cable it’s not a completed test on the network side of your line.

So when you have SECURE A COM come to your premises the very first thing we will do is isolate the lead-in cable from your internal cable and connect a modem directly to this lead-in cable and check to see if the slow ADSL speed is indeed and internal fault or a network fault. We have been keeping records on these tests for some time now and we have calculated that around 75% of the time when your ISP has told you the fault is internal we find the problem is a network fault.

Now this is the good part for you, once we determine that the fault is a network issue, we provide you with a PDF report that is emailed to you on the spot and if needed we also supply you with a video that is uploaded to our YouTube channel explaining exactly what we have found and letting your ISP know that the problem is a network issue when they have told you the problem was your problem. Because of this we recommend in writing that your ISP provide you with a full refund or credit to your account for the full amount of our call out fee and labour charges. We have a high success rate getting our clients compensated for incorrect diagnosis of their slow ADSL speeds.

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