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Customer with Crackle On the Line – Wahroonga

Field Job Description

Since December 2016 the customer has had a crackle on the line. They had a Telstra technician attended on the 3rd of April to try to make repairs. He changed a socket in the lounge room and told the customer that there was a problem out in the street then left and didn’t come back. The customer still had the problem on the line after the tech had left. The customer then ran IInet and they told them that the problem was an internal fault and they needed to contract a private technician to make repairs. I had come today to find what was going on here. I found the 1st socket upstairs in the master bedroom (which the Telstra tech didn’t go to for some reason) and I disconnected the lead in cable from the internal cables (see video) and put my butt phone on the lead in cable and was still getting the crackle directly on the network cable. This is 100% a network issue and need to be fixed by a Telstra tech. This customer was informed by Iinet that this was an internal issue and it was indeed a network issue and this customer should be reimbursed for our invoice as this was a network fault.

Job Details

Telco/ISP lIINet
Date 20/04/2017
Tech Jason Kearney
Address Wahroonga

  • Telstra Network Fault 100%
  • Internal Wiring Fault 0%
  • Job Resolution 100%


After using our report and our tech speaking with and running tests with IINet this customer had a tech out a couple of days later to make the repairs on her line and she now has a clear and working phone line again. Nice work. Way to go Team!

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