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Data Cable Installation 

Have you been considering a data cable installation within your home or business, and have you been trying to weigh up the pros and cons? Well hopefully this post might be able to help you decide.

Today we rely on the internet more than ever, with multiple devices that we use to run and organise our lives and businesses, and it is more important now that all these devices connect to the internet and all talk to each other. Having a wired data cable network can be a valuable asset to keeping the speed and connectivity of your internet connection fast and strong.

Most homes rely on Wi-Fi connections to gain access to the internet and your private network, but this kind of network can have its limitations when it comes to having a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection. Having data cables installed in your home or office can be a great solution if some of your devices are running slow when connecting to the internet. If your router is not in a central location you may experience some devices may run slower than others, or if your home is large and made from lots of bricks and concrete this can also be an obstacle for Wi-Fi. Adding cat6 data cables and sockets throughout your home or office will allow much more flexibility when needing a fast, secure and reliable internet connection.


Data Cabling for Brick & Concrete Homes

If your home is constructed from bricks and concrete this can certainly be a barrier for the Wi-Fi signal to penetrate this dense material, especially if you have multiple levels. In this instants adding a central hub for your communication and data is a perfect solution. If you have a data cable installation in a brick home it can give you many options when it comes to connecting to your private network and the internet.

For instance, if your modem and router are located in the bottom floor of a three-story brick and concrete slab house and the bottom floor has 100% connectivity, the second floor has 35% and the top floor has 5% to 0% connectivity, running a data cable to each of these floors that connects back to your router will allow you to connect a wireless access point on each of the floors to now give each floor 100% connectivity again.


Data Cabling for Granny Flats or Backyard

If like many Australians you have a granny flat in the backyard, where you have children living or other relatives. Having a new phone line connected for internet and phone can be a very expensive undertaking, which includes having a separate lead-in cable installed to the granny flat for a separate phone line and Telco bill. Installing a Cat6 cable from your router to the granny flat then installing a wireless access point will allow who is ever residing in this space to be able to connect to your home network and internet, and if you also want to have restrictions on the amount of time you would like to allow them access to the internet you have complete control, as once their curfew begins you only need to disconnect their cable from the router for them to disconnect from the internet.


Data Cabling for NBN 

If you are lucky enough to have NBN connected in your area and want to take full advantage of this fantastic service, and want to take advantage of the speed it has to offer, you can’t go past having a wired data network installed in your home using high speed Cat6 data cable. This will allow for fast and uninterrupted data distribution throughout your home. NBN service for multiple network providers can also be obtained through a centralized data network, if for instance you are renting out rooms and would like them to have a separate bill from a different ISP.

Having NBN installed data cable to the granny flat can be a great solution for providing internet access to the granny flat without having to go through the frustrating and expensive experience of getting a separate line installed. This is also a great solution if you have NBN connected to your home as you can have a totally separate service connected to the granny flat. The NBN connection box inside your home allows 4 data ports and 2 voice lines. So, if you are renting out this space to a Tennent and have a data cable installed back to the NBN connection box then the Tennent will be able to have a completely separate bill and provider if they want.


Data Cabling for Security

If security is a big thing for you having data cables installed in your home can give you many options. IP cameras can be installed strategically throughout your home and connected to the network. The latest cameras and software allow you to access your cameras remotely so you can view them from anywhere you have an internet connection. Also, if you are concerned about people cracking your Wi-Fi password using hacking software from someone sitting in a car out in the street, moving all your network to cables and turning off your Wi-fi can be a great solution as it is virtually impossible for anyone to gain access to your network without them installing a physical device into your network.


Data Cabling for Businesses

If you are running a business and have many work stations that have more than 5 computers setting up a wired network is an industry standard. This allows for a NAS or server to be connected into this network so files and media can be stored in a central location and access given or not given to certain people. Also, printers and other devices can be installed into the network so everyone connected can share and use this hardware. This will also allow the internet to be distributed evenly so the speeds can remain constant without any loss. Having wires is ideal if you are operating in a large open plan environment or over multiple floors as speed and keeping your documents safe from hackers is best done through a private wired network which gives more security than a wireless network can offer.


Data Cabling for Home Media Center and Smart TV’s

Most smart TV’s and Media Hardware such as Foxtel boxes need to be connected to a data cable to enable access to the internet, so having one or a few data cables installed behind your TV or media center is just what is needed to be able to use most of this kind of hardware. Also, having a wired data network will allow you to connect a NAS or media hub to everyone connected to this network will be able to access all video’s, photos, music, or any other piece of media that you might have on your media device. Smart wired homes are fast becoming a part of new installations, so planning this out before you start to build your new home is the key to keeping the cost down and creating a functional and quality smart home media network.


Data Cable Installations in Sydney

You have found this post because you must have been searching for a solution to a problem that entails installing a wired data cable solution. This kind of job is not something that most electricians can do, this should only be done by someone that is accredited by the ACMA and holds the appropriate licences. We are Sydney’s premiere data cabling company and having been providing this service to many happy clients for years. No job is to big or small so if you are seeking someone to install this kind of cabling and looking for the best advice in this area give us a call and we can set up an appointment to have a specialist attend your home, office, factory, or shop and create a plan that will have you connected to a high speed data cabled network that will get done right the first time and at a price that is very hard to beat.