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Faulty Lead-in Cable – Riverwood

Field Job Description

Customer has moved into a new house and have had no internet or phone since the 20th of March 2017. Customer had spoken to dodo who told her that the issue was internal wiring inside the house and needed to get a private acma technician to fix. When I came out today the customer has a socket near the front door that has the lead in cable and one internal cable that goes to another socket. I tested all pair and split pair on the lead in cable but no dial tone. I went to the pit out front (see video) and found the lead in cable cut and not connected into the CAN. I am getting a slight tone on the cable from my f set, so potentially a lead in cable issue. This is a network fault, and this customer has had to pay for us and a Telstra tech to come out and not fix this network fault. This customer should be reimbursed for 100 % of our and Telstra costs.

Job Details

Telco/ISP Dodo

Date 29/05/2017

Tech Jason Kearney

Address Riverwood

  • Telstra Network Fault 100%
  • Internal Wiring Fault 0%
  • Job Resolution 20%


Because this is the Lead in cable it is in the grey area. Telstra should be responsible for replacing it, but Dodo is the ISP so the customer will need to go back to Dodo and see if they can repair this cable, if not then replace it.

Update: We have not heard back from this customer as to what has happened with this cable.

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