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Foxtel Cable Repairs 

Have you or a contractor damaged a Foxtel Cable? We are the number 1 contractor of choice in Sydney to repair Foxtel Cables for the home of office. We provide an accredited repair technician to your home or business in Sydney to make all repairs to the damaged Foxtel cable so we can have you watching your favourite programs again in no time.


Foxtel Cable Repairs Sydney

We only use Foxtel approved parts for all our Foxtel Cable Repairs, and provide a swift service to our clients in Sydney. We have all the right tools to make the job a breeze.

It does happen from time to time when either contractors or home owners might hear that dreaded “crack” and you see the white communications conduit pieces come to the surface while you are digging in the backyard. Oh no you have dug through your Foxtel Cable. Never fear Secure a Com is one of the leading Communications, Data and electrical contractors in Sydney. We have been provide repairs to Foxtel Cables for excavation companies for years and can repair you Foxtel cable quickly so you can be back to watching all your favourite programs on Foxtel as quick as a flash. Foxtel cable is basically a Coaxial cable but you need to have your Foxtel Cable Repaired by a company that knows what they are doing. Secure a Com cannot just repair your Foxtel cable but if the conduit is also damaged we are accredited to also make repairs on the conduit.

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