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Jason Kearney

Head Technician Sydney

Qualified for: Phone, Data, Cat6, Cat5, Fiber, Electrical, Coax, Underground, Aerial, Line Technician, Pit & Pipe.

Specialty Service: Phone line and ADSL fault location and repair. 

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Do you like it when the job gets done right the first time?

Jason is our gun technician for Sydney and surrounding areas. He is the man behind the camera on all the client report videos we do for you and the telco’s. Jason has been in the industry since 1998, ever since the privatisation of Telstra.

He has worked on the network since 1998, being a part of the CAN 2000 project as a supervisor at ERG for the upgrade and rehabilitation that would take the Telstra network into the next millennium. He has worked in I&M (install and maintenance) as a contractor for Telstra for 10 years, and has a wealth of knowledge as to how the network, Telstra and the system operates. He is also an electrician and has worked as a data technician so you can throw just about any challenge at him to overcome, and he will find a way.


His Austel Licence has all endorsements and he is approved and registered with the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) This lad is as clean as a whistle. Jason has worked in many sensitive areas, and has been through many background checks, ADF, (Australian Defence Force) federal and police checks, and has worked on projects for the Military, Corrective Services NSW, Ansto Nuclear Facility, and in other Government and private departments.


Jason would love to help you with your problems you may be having with your phone or internet service if you live in Sydney. This telephone technician is here to help and will attend your location in Sydney, No job is to small.

As part of my service to you, if i find the phone line or internet fault is in the Telstra network, I will provide you with all the proof you need by video and pdf report to help your ISP get the job done. I WON’T ABANDON YOU! The video’s and reports I makes help my valuable clients get a 100% refunds from their Telco if I find the fault is in the Telstra network, when your ISP has told you the problem is your fault, and is in your internal wiring. You have me on your side to get the problem resolved fast and painlessly so you can get about your day.