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Have you been told you need a Jumper Wire run at your MDF so you can have a phone line connection in your Unit or Office? Sometimes when you live in a unit block or work in an office, getting a phone line connected can require a skilled telephone technician to create a connection between the two sides of the MDF by running a jumper wire.

MDF or Main Distribution Frame is generally located in the sub levels of a building. The MDF will be where the Main Cable or O Pair Cable from the telephone exchange will be terminated.


The MDF is split into two parts the exchange side, this is the side of the MDF that is connected to the local telephone exchange cable. Then there is the Line Side this is where all the individual cables from all the units of offices will come down to single locations and terminate onto the Krone Blocks. So the MDF is Split into two parts an A side and a B side.

So the jumper wire is the bridge between the A and B

When a technician comes to your home or office to make this connection he will first come inside your premises to connect his F Set. The F Set will send a tone down this line this tone can be detected at the MDF with the use of a probe. Once the technician has located the cable with the tone on it this will be one of the cables that will need to have a jumper wire run between.

The other side should have a tag on it that is left by your service provider E.G Telstra Optus.

If they have forgotten to leave a tag, there are a couple of other ways that the exchange side cable can be located without having the cable path details.

Once both cables are located a jumper wire is run between the two Krone Blocks that house the cables. This is called a MDF Jumpering

Secure a Com can have your phone line connected in no time with our professional MDF Jumper Wire Service Sydney. Connecting jumper wires in your unit or office so you can be connected to the World Wide Web.

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