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Man Being Harassed Just For Being Gay

From time to time I get a job that somehow personally affects me, and today I had one of those jobs. I have worked in the field of telecommunications for almost 20 years now, among providing this service I also have other technical skills that I can call on when needed. Yesterday I had a call from a man who seemed very distressed, who asked if I could look at his phone lines as he thought someone had tapped into his phones. I have provided this service to my clients before, but it’s usually for people with unfounded paranoia.

Today when I arrived at this man’s house he asked if he could explain his story to me, and he had kept a file on all the strange things that had been going on. For the last 12 months, he has had constant harassment.

  1. People had broken into his house via the roof and damaged his property, and gone through all his draws and thrown all his possessions around.
  2. On another occasion, they had gone into his ceiling and disconnected all his lights and left live electrical cables sitting in his ceiling space. This could only be done by someone with a working knowledge of electrical systems, otherwise they would have blown themselves up.
  3. Cut his Foxtel cable from the pit to his house 3 times
  4. Cut his phone lines 4 times
  5. Installed keystroke software on his computer and had gained access to his emails and other files
  6. Removed Foxtel isolator
  7. They turn off his power at the power box on a regular basis.
Vandalism To Man Foxtel Cable Just For Being Gay

Cut Foxtel Cable In The Telstra Pit

Image of Cut Foxtel Cable Needless Vandalism

Foxtel Cable That Was Cut by Vandals

This is just a few of the things they had done to this guy, he had kept photos and files and had the police involved but they said they have no evidence on the perpetrators, so couldn’t help.

Do you want to know why this harmless man was going through all this, BECAUSE HE WAS GAY!!!

He knows who they are, they live right next door to him. I am totally disgusted and angered by these ignorant individual’s actions. This guy is scared for his safety as he should be, this is criminal and a fucking hate crime. These people need to be locked up. It’s hard to believe that two people could have so much hate in their hearts they resort to this kind of behaviour, to scare a man who clearly has done nothing to them except like people of the same sex. What are they so afraid of? It makes you wonder hey.

Anyhow today I had given this guy some guidance and advice so next time these redneck assholes break into his house it’s off to gaol for them.

Just the other day our company SECURE A COM decided to show our support for Australian Marriage Equality and we now proudly have our logo displayed on the corporate supporter’s page.

It strange to think that in a country such as Australia people are still being discriminated by the government in same sex relationships and not allowed the same rights as heterosexual couples. I’m sure if you asked most people on the streets if it bothered them if two people of the same sex could marry and have the same rights as them they would say, NO it doesn’t.

It’s sad to me that Australia still has such a long way to go when it comes to human rights. You think from our history we would have much more tolerance and compassion for all people, white, black, gay, straight, religious, or non-religious.

I for one am a heterosexual man and I support every persons right to seek out a happy life for themselves, for what else is life about if it is not about being happy, and loving and being loved.

I think this generation of youth come from a different mould than the mould of my generation. It was almost bread into you that there was something wrong with gay people because they were different, it was only after developing a mind of my own and getting to meet gay people that you find that they are just the same as you except for their sexual preferences.

One of my biggest regrets in life was around the time of my high school life, when I had a good friend of mine Daniel Storer commit suicide. He was one of the funniest and life loving people I knew. He would stay at my place some times and we would always have heaps of fun getting up to mischief around my neighbourhood. I remember one time he showed me how to sneak into the movies without paying, and going to pizza huts and eating all you can eat at the salad bars then doing a runner without paying. He was a little deviet. My mother use to say “I think your friend Daniel is gay son” and I would say NO Way! He just likes acting, doing drama, and being girly sometimes, that doesn’t mean he is gay, hahaha how wrong I was.

I use to use language around him that was negative towards gay people, not because I believed it just because I thought it was funny and cool. So, when I found out he had killed himself at the age of 19 years old I felt so much guilt because I thought that because of my hateful language he could not confide in me about his deepest darkest secrets and worries. We never really knew why he killed himself but I’m sure because it was the harassment he use to cop for being who he was. It still makes me sad when I think about it.

Anyhow, I just wanted to write this post today to say enough is enough, it’s time to grow the fuck up Australia and stop being such a bunch of little babies when it comes to issues like this. And to our client who is going through this harassment at the moment he has our 100% support and hopefully our advice yesterday will help put these despicable people behind bars.

Director/ Head Technician

Jason Kearney