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48 Hour Battery Backup

Our NBN lift phones will work through a power outage unlike your VOIP NBN phone line. Our 3G Mobile dialers have a 48 hour battery backup system.

Easy Installation Process

One of our ACMA approved telephone techs can install setup and test your new NBN lift phone. We will provide you a PDF commission report as warranty

Keeping People Safe

Using an NBN VOIP phone will not comply with Australian law regarding emergency calls from lifts. Give your workers and clients piece of mind and safety

Lowest Price in Sydney

We have many Strata and Real Estates using our NBN lift phone service rather than the big lift companies because we are more than half the price.

NBN & Emergency Lift Phones

With the advent of NBN most homes and businesses who have phones may not realise that your phones now work as VOIP. (voice over internet protocol) This means instead of your old PSTN copper service that connected back to the telephone exchange which had backup power in case of power grid failure, now your phone works over the internet, so if the power goes out so does your modem and phone line unless you have installed a UPS system, which are very expensive.  We have found a great solution to solve this ever-growing problem, using 3G Mobile Dialing units that have its own battery backup system. This is unit has passed all Australian standards, and will be installed by highly trained ACMA approved telephone technician.

Find Out More & Free Quotes for NBN Lift Phones

If you are Strata agency or a land lord that has been affected by your new NBN service making your old lift emergency phones redundant, call us today and speak to one of our technician who will be able to advise you on the best action to take to get your lift phones working with an NBN service. Most of the time we can provide you an obligation free quote over the phone, and have your unit installed and running no later than 7 days after booking is made.


Product Feature

3G Mobile Dialler provides a full time 3G GSM pathway for lifts that have emergency phone diallers to communicate to lift company in the absence of a land line – LCD status display. GSM Compatibility 3G GSM, – Operating voltage 12VDC plug pack supplied – Battery Backup Internal rechargeable battery – Battery backup time max. 48hrs – Power consumption 25mA (standby), 300mA (communicating) – Antenna 3dB whip with magnetic base, 2.9m cable length – Dimensions 175 x 115 x 35mm – Weight 200g – Operating Temperature 0°C to +50°C

Installation Procedure

Our ACMA approved telephone technician will install your 3G mobile dialler to replace your old PSTN copper phone line service to your lift emergency phone. We will install the antenna and wire the dialler into the existing circuit of your lift emergency phone system. If needs be we will wire up an extra power point to supply the unit with power, and once all installed we will test the unit and make sure it is working correctly with the lift company. Once all has passed our testing phase we will commission the new phone and write a full report on what was done.  We can even provide a yearly service to check battery life and unit performance.


Don't Leave It Until It's To Late

Speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians today, who would be more than happy to help you with any matter regarding our NBN lift phone service.