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Without you there is no us, so we understand the importance of client satisfaction. We are constantly evolving to bring you the best service in every possible way.


We include many unique features on our website and the way we deliver our service to you. We believe in creating a seamless and user friendly system in delivering you your service.


With technology rapidly moving forward, keeping up with new trends is a must. We stay updated with new to developments in the industry, so when it comes to providing you the right solution we have you covered.


SECURE A COM is a privately-owned Sydney based company that provides high quality telephone, data, and Internet technician. We provide a first-rate installation and repair service for phone lines, internet, NBN, ADSL/DSL, wired and wireless data networks, pay and free to air TV.

We have been in operation since 2005 when we first started out as a contracting company working on the I & M contract (install and maintenance) for Telstra. We also carried out project work, installing cabling, jointing, and lead-in cables, including pillar installations for DA’s on new home estates in Shellharbour, and other south coastal greenfield projects.

While working on the I&M contract and servicing Telstra customers directly for 10 years, we noticed things that were not being covered by us while we were attending jobs on the behalf of Telstra. Somethings were out of our scope of works as Telstra contractors, so sometimes we would leave a customer with no resolution to a problem, and could only advise the customer it is not a Telstra issue, and we would unfortunately have to leave them hanging.

With confidence that we could play a valuable role in providing a private solution for after Telco care, we decided to make some changes. The telecommunication industry is evolving at a rapid rate, ever shifting boundaries are a weekly occurrence, new developments in technologies are connecting people and businesses to just about anybody, from anywhere, at any time like, never before. This is a very exciting time to be living, where for the first time in the history of mankind, we can so easily and freely, connect with other people, and that vast sea of information we call, the internet.

In 2013, we ceased contracting for Telstra and brought our service directly to the public. We are now bringing a range of different services directly to homes and businesses, to help keep you connected in a busy and multi-connected world. When your Telco or ISP has said that they can’t help you anymore, we have highly trained, technologically savvy, fully licensed, ACMA accredited, telephone, internet, and data technician, who have been through full background checks. So, if you require your telephone technician to be professional, punctual, ready to go, we are ready to service you today.