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Experiencing problems with your phone line ?

ADSL has slowed to a crawl ?

We are the #1 Telephone & Data Technician contractors in Sydney and we are based right here in the Sutherland Shire. We provide you with ACMA Approved Telephone & Data Technician to locate and repair faults in your internal wiring for your home, or business. We provide a range of services to keep you connected in a busy world.


Phone Line Repairs and Installation Sutherland Shire 

Are you looking for a Telecommunications contractor in the Sutherland Shire? Look no further Secure a Com is the Sutherland Shires first choice for fault finding, phone line repairs and installations. We have been providing telecommunication services for since 2005. Secure a Com Telecommunications provides a number of services to homes and businesses so you can stay connected . We look after the work that your ISP and Telco don’t do. When it comes to the internal cabling of your home or office the responsibility fall to the landlord or owner to make good on the repairs or installation. Telstra owns the network from either the MDF or the first socket of your house all the way back to your local exchange.  Telstra or other Telco’s leasing there network will not perform internal fault finding, this is where Secure a Com come shines. We can provide you a hassle free service because we know better than most how frustrating dealing with some of these companies can be.

Phone Line Repairs 

Has your computer speed slowed down to a crawl? do you have a crackling sound on your phone line? Maybe you need a telephone technician to call out and test your phone line for optimal performance. If you have already spoken to Telstra and they have told you that you need to find your own telecommunications technician, we can locate and repair most faults within an hour. We are resisted cabler’s with the Australia Communications and Media Authority and for phone line repairs in the Sutherland Shire there is no need to go past the best, Secure a Com.


Phone Line Installation 

Do you need a second line connected to your home or office? Secure a com can have you wired up and chatting and surfing the net in no time. If you have a new premises and need your phone lines wired up and connected we can future proof your home so emerging technology will always be able to be used at there optimal performance through your phone line or computer network. We can also provide a phone line for your shed, studio or granny’s flat so you never miss another call again. Phone line installation Sutherland Shire done right.

MDF Jumper Wire Connection

Have you moved into a new house or office and need a connection to the Telstra network? Secure a Com provides the Sutherland Shire with a fast and reliable MDF Jumpering service.  We can locate your internal cable and make a connection to the Telstra side of your MDF so you will be able to use the phone and surf the net. When you live or work in a multi occupancy building such as a block of units Telstra would have installed a main cable into your building and terminated it to a MDF (main distribution frame) the builder when building the building would have installed the internal cable to this same MDF. Your internal cable will need to be identified at the MDF and a connection will need to be made between the Telstra side and your side. We are the number 1 go to telecommunications company in the Sutherland Shire for MDF Jumper wire connections.

Lead in Cables

Have you damaged your lead in cable? Do you need a lead in cable installed? Secure a Com has been installing and repairing lead in cable for over 10 years. When you just can’t get Telstra to move on fixing or installing your lead in cable Secure a Com is the first choice for home and businesses in the Sutherland Shire for lead in installations and repairs.

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