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You might or might not have heard about the ATO (Australian Tax Office) Scam. These nasty people have scammed hundreds of unsuspecting people out of thousands of dollars. We are posting this today as we have become aware of one of our clients that this has recently happened to.


  1. You will receive an email from a fake ATO account.
  2. In the email, it will say your return has been filled out incorrectly and adjustments need to be made
  3. In the email, it will have a number that looks just like an Australian number and call them ASAP
  4. Once you call them they will ask you to verify your name, address, contact number and as much info as they can get out of you.
  5. They will tell you that your return was not filled out correctly and you owe them a large sum of money, usually in the thousands range.
  6. They will then tell you that you need to make this payment ASAP or else they will have the police on your front door the next day to arrest you.
  7. They will then tell you that you can make the payment over the phone now to avoid more penalties and avoid gaol time.
  8. They will then ask for your credit card details so they can process the payments.
  9. Then they will process your credit card and then hang up.

Once they have processed your credit card it is too late, and the funds will be transferred from your account to an account in a foreign country.

Call the  ATO on 1800 008 540 


They also have many other scams some are emails with links to a fake ATO website where you will fill out an online form giving then your details. With this information, they can create all sorts of fraudulent accounts in your name. Never Click on these Links

Watch This Short Video Clip Of A Scam In Motion 


  • access your bank accounts
  • take out loans in your name
  • lodge false tax returns or BAS statements
  • claim Centrelink or other benefits.


Threaten you with immediate arrest

Ask you to pay money to receive a refund or payment from us

Ask you to pay a debt via iTunes vouchers, or pre-paid credit card or store gift cards

Ask you to provide personal information, such as your tax file number (TFN) or credit card number, via email or SMS

Ask you to pay money into a personal bank account

Direct you to download files from the internet, or open attachments in unsolicited emails.

If you ever receive a fake email forward that full email to ReportEmailFraud@ato.gov.au

To find out more about these scams the ATO has created a page that you can view on all the different scams they have compiled.