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Electrical Design and Technology

Owner and Director Jason Kearney has work on many inspiring projects over the years but one of his personal favorite’s and closet to his heart was the concept home of world renowned architect Richard Paxton. This London home is still cutting edge many years after its completion in 2006. Jason was the lead electrician tasked with trying to make work the ideas of Richard around lighting, electrical, technology and communications.

Project Details

Client Richard Paxton 

Date 2004-2005  Skills Lead Electrician Time 18 Months

BBC 4 Living With The Future

BBC 4 London featured this home on there series Future Homes. Take a look through this amazing home and see some of the amazing technologies that we can use to bring your home into the 21st Century.

Project Feature

Some of the amazing features Jason worked on was lighting, communications, technology integration, audio visual. This amazing home was a once in a life time experience and Jason has taken away a wealth of knowledge from this London project.


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