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If you are a Sutherland Shire local, you may have seen many guys in yellow shirts inside Telstra pits running funny cables and using space age equipment. It’s official, the Sutherland Shire is getting fibre to the curb, and the rollout has begun.

FTTC or Fibre to the Curb, is a big step up from fibre to the node. FTTN (fibre to the node) was only replacing the existing copper mains cables from the old telephone exchange to the node, then using existing Telstra copper lines from the node to your home.

Fibre to the curb will now be fibre to the node, but then continue as fibre till it gets to the pit out the front of your home. Then from there it will connect to your home using your existing copper lead-in cable.  This should eliminate any old copper out of the network right up to the point to where it connects to your home.


So far, we have spoken to NBN technicians and seen them installing fibre to curb in, Miranda, Gymea, Caringbah, Lilly Pilli, Sylvania, Kirrawee. We cannot confirm other locations yet, but as we find out more we will let you know. Places like Jannali, Engadine and Heathcote, Loftus who already have NBN they are using HFC, and we are getting mixed reviews about this technology from this area, some people are very happy, and others not so much. Fibre to the curb has so far been receiving some good feedback from NBN customers. So, with a little luck the Sutherland Shire will be getting some very fast NBN speeds in the not too distant future.  I took this photo this morning of the NBN tech installing fibre on Gymea Bay road as I went for my morning walk, and also spoke to some other techs on Central road Miranda. Fibre to the Curb is here.