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Field Job Description

Customer has just moved into unit and had phone connected but had no dial tone. Optus had come out to the job and it is working ok at the MDF. This unit had a flooding problem that got into the walls. Strata is taking care of the water damage and as a result of this water the cables have a short circuit on them, due to low insulation resistant. As you can see from the photo and the video the building wires are connected to scotch locks that are not accessible without removing part of the wall. We need to remove this part of the wall to check cable at a lower point below the scotch locks. This still not resolve the issue as the cable could be damaged further down the line also. If this is the case we will need to replace this cable from socket to the MDF. Customer will discuss this problem with strata and get back to us about who will pay how they would like to proceed. Line still not working, couldn’t make temp repair.

Job Details

Telco/ISP Optus
Date 30/06/2017
Tech Jason Kearney
Address Artarmon

  •   Telstra Network Fault 0%
  • Internal Wiring Fault 100%
  • Job Resolution 20%


We first need to get access to below the scotch locks and find a good bit of cable and cut the damaged bit away but the cable could be damaged deeper below the slab where we just can’t reach. She owns the unit and will speak to strata as they are dealing with the water damage they might pay for the repairs. We will wait to hear back from this client on next step.


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