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This customer has just moved to a new location. They kept their contract with TPG who connected them to the new premises. When the customer plugged in their modem they didn’t get any sync with the exchange and no internet. They call TPG who then sent out a Telstra tech. The customer said the tech didn’t do a great deal, just wave a mobile phone around and tell them that “everything looks fine.”

After the tech left the customer still didn’t have any internet service, so she call TPG again, this time they told her that it was the socket in the kitchen, and it would need to be replace.

  1. How could a person that is not a technician on the other side of the world diagnose that?
  2. How can you without separating the internal cables from the lead in cable be able to determine if the fault is inside the customers premises or in the network.

The customer followed the request of TPG and contracted an electrician at their cost to install a net rj11 skirting mounted phone socket. After this socket was installed the customer connected the modem to the new socket, and once again, nothing.

The customer then ran back TPG who then informed the customer that they should replace the remaining phone sockets throughout the home. The customer didn’t want to do this, understandably, as they were smart enough to know this wouldn’t fix the problem.

Then TPG referred the customer to us, for an internal cabling and socket inspection.




  1. First thing I did was check for a dial tone. There was a clear dial tone on my butt phone.
  2. Then I connected my XDSL tester to the same socket the customer had their modem
  3. Waited 5 min and was not getting sync on tester
  4. Found lead-in cable at a socket in the main bedroom
  5. Disconnect the lead-n cable from the internal cables
  6. Tested with XDSL tester again
  7. Still getting no sync after 10 min
  8. Connected customer router got sync and internet
  9. Using wifi network analyser to test wifi speed
  10. Get 200 kbps download speeds

This is clearly a network fault and TPG will need to contract Telstra to attend and find and fix this fault.

SUGGESTION: Have an ADSL trained or Level 2 tech attend to make good.


You will need to go back to TPG and provide them with the link to this report. Once they have found that the fault is indeed a network fault and it is repaired, with this report you should be able to claim a credit or refund for the cost of our service call.

And if you think we have done a great job and you are happy with our service, I would love for you to leave a nice review for us. The links for the reviews options are below.

So, good luck and hope your internet is running at 100% again soon.

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