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Has your internet speed slowed to a crawl? ADSL help is on the way.

ADSL faults can be a real pain in the backside. When you have things to do and suddenly you can’t load pages, Netflix and YouTube stop working and the kids start complaining. We can find repair your ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ service again in no time.

Our Features

Just a few of the reason we stand above the rest. Servicing Sydney now.

When it comes to ADSL fault finding and repairs we have you covered on every level. We can find and repair faults in your internal wiring, and we can also test and report on any network related faults on your ISP’s end. We are a  trusted and reliable company, with thousands of happy customers, and because of this some of the major isp’s reffer us to thier clients.

Online Reporting

We provide online reports that live on this website, so sharing the link with your ISP is easy.

Smart Testing Units

Our techs carry state of the art xvdsl testing units, to get accurate and true results.

Industry Leaders

We keep ahead of the curve, and bring our valued clients our years of experience and drive.

Data Trained

Our multi skilled tech’s are very handy when it comes to data related problems and installs 

Secure Payments

Top site security with SSL certificate for secure payments and document exchange

ACMA registered

Your technician will be fully licenced and resisted with the Telco regulator the ACMA

Smartest Tech's

We have some super smart techs working on problems for people just like you.

Mobile & Gaming

Get your ADSL speeds running at full steam. We search and destroy any speed problems 

Your Client Portal 

All our clients are give access to their own private and secure client portal. This secure connection will give you access to take control of your bookings. Share documents and images with us related to projects. Make secure payment, and ask question to telecommunications professionals. 

Get faster adsl speeds

Fixing your ADSL internet service, is usually a quick and simple procedure if you have the right tech with the right training and gear. We test to see what the maximum speed is coming in on the Telstra network cable, then once we have a good benchmark we will get that same speed working at your ADSL modem. 

If we discover the fault is in the Telstra network, we will document the results and write a full service report, if needed record a video detailing exactly the issues, so you and your ISP will have no doubt.

Perform an Isolation Test

Perform a simple isolation test to see if your speeds improve.

Unplug all phones, fax machines 

Remove the ADSL filter from the socket.

Plug only the modem into the socket 

Turn  off you modem for 30 secs then turning it back on again.

If you now get sync and internet perform a speed 

If you have done this test and your speeds come back up there is a good chance that something you had plugged into one of the other sockets is causing you the problem. Then start plugging one thing back in at a time as you perform a speed test after each new item is plugged back in.

I love my job, it’s the best feeling to solving problems for my clients.

I am the head technician for the Sydney area. I have working in the telecommunications industry every since Telstra privatised in the late 90’s. I love all things technology based, so telecommunications was the perfect fit for me.

Jason Kearney, Head tech for Sydney

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The closer you live to our office the less you pay for our service. Enjoy our super low rates and get the highest level of service. 

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We partner with Paypal to give our customers the widest possible range of payment options available. Pay on th day with your credit card using Paypal.

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