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I attended the above address on the 6th September 2019 as this customer was having constant dropouts from 2 to 52 dropouts a day over the last 7 years. He had network techs turn and try to fix the issue, but the dropouts continued.



I will detail what I did to fix this issue. The customer had three sockets inside his home. The Telstra lead-in cable came to a Telstra box on the side of the house, from that location a yellow 2 pair internal cable then ran to a old RJ45 socket in the kitchen, then the cable daisy chained to the socket in the bedroom, then to the customers office which is where his socket was connected.

First thing I did was an insulation resistance test on the internal cabling, which tested within specification. Then is did a visual inspection on the sockets. The 2nd socket in the bedroom was full of fluff and dust. This socket was not in use so a asked the customer if we could bypass it, and he agreed. The socket in the kitchen also didn’t look like it was in the best of shape as the copper pins where discolored. I replaced this socket with a new socket and plate as this socket was being used.

The socket in the bedroom was not accessible without dismantling the customers desk, and I was confident that what I had now done would resolve the problem. I explained if the dropouts continued, I would return and do what was needed to inspect and replace his socket if needed.

I also told the customer to bypass his ADSL filters for 48 hours and if the dropouts stopped to introduce one filter back at a time within another 48 hours period to see if the dropout continued while the filters where inline.

On my follow up call a week later the customer was happy to report that for the first time in 7 years that the dropouts had stopped and his internet speeds where now stable.

This was critical to get this service working at its full capacity as this customer is suffering with an illness and having a working phone and internet service is of the upmost importance.

We spoke to the customer again on the 18th of September and he still has not had any dropouts. This customer has been monitoring his service with PingPlotter and it has not dropped out once since we had made these changes.

We are satisfied now that we can close this case.

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