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Best NBN Provider 2019 

I get asked all the time from my customers, who is the best NBN provider? So, today I thought I would write this post to tell you, who I think is the best ISP (internet service provider) for NBN and why I have come to this decision?

Firstly, when it comes to choosing an ISP, you need to understand that all the cables, joints, nodes, towers and any other infrastructure related to getting your internet are owned by NBN themselves or Telstra. The ISP’s are just the retailers for your service where NBN and Telstra are the wholesalers who own the equipment and cables. When it comes to getting a new connection with an NBN provider, the infrastructure is out of their hands. Mostly what you are left with from a good provider are a few things that can either make your experience on NBN a bit more pleasant or a lot more frustrating. Other than pricing, customer service is probably one of the biggest things that you will need to consider when it comes to making your decision.

I have chosen TPG as the best NBN provider for 2019

Call Wait Times

One of the biggest frustrations with some ISP’s are Call Centre wait times. In my experience calling many ISP’s regularly for my customers, TPG has one of the best call centers on the job. Even peak times I would usually wait no more than 6min to get through to technical support, but mostly you can get someone on the line straight away.

Installations Testing

When I worked in the network performing installations and fault finding, TPG had the most stringent testing procedures for closing off a job. They made us tech’s run through more tests to close off installations than all the other ISP’s. They have even gone as far as not giving some customers a service because the cables going to their property couldn’t supply the speed they promised

Tech Support

I deal with a lot of techs supports from many of the ISP’s, and I have always found the customer service and tech support from TPG to have a pleasant phone manner and are well trained in dealing with many problems that may arise.


A report from Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) into average download speeds for NBN, TPG has just come out on top again in this 6th report. ACCC Report  TPG is providing its customers with 86.7 % of maximum plan speed during all hours.



Big Enough to Get Things Done

TPG has rapidly grown to become the second-largest ISP in Australia. It has recently acquired a rival broadband provider IINet. One thing I have noticed over the years is the more mainstream and bigger the ISP’s tend to get, the shorter the wait time on having a network tech attend a fault. The smaller ISP customers seem to be waiting a lot longer for Telstra / NBN contractors to attend and repair issues. It’s just a guess on my part but it’s almost like there is a hierarchy of ISP’s who get the network techs on a fast schedule while the smaller ones are further down on that list.

Fair Enough – Refunds.

Sometimes while testing a service an ISP’s automated line test might show an all clear. They might suggest to you that you need to call a private technician to find the fault as they will say it is clear on their end. We attend jobs like this a bit. On many occasions, we will find while on the job that it is a network fault and the ISP had diagnosed it incorrectly. In this case, we will write a report for our customers and explain that there is a problem on the network side, not the internal cabling side. We will suggest a refund from this ISP who made the incorrect diagnosis. We have found from follow up conversation from our customers that TPG on many occasions has refunded our customers for 100% of the cost of our service call.

TPG, the best NBN provider for 2019.


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