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NBN Related Questions 

The Best NBN Provider for 2019

TPG! We have selected TPG as the best NBN provider for 2019. We work in the field every day and we get to see how many ISP’s work and deal with their customers. We have created an article detailing why we have selected TPG. 


Why is my NBN service slow?

NBN is a mix of different technologies. The could be a number of things that can be causing your NBN speeds to slow. We have written an article on the most common things that could explain why your NBN service is running slow.


What is HCF, and is it any good?

Yes! If you are getting NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) don’t despair, it’s doing the job well. Unlike the lucky few who had a fibre to the home connection, us poor mortals who live off the hybrid network HFC isn’t such a bad option. Find out more about NBN HFC in an article we have written on this very subject. 


Can I connect my existing phone sockets to NBN so they all work like before?

YES! You absolutely can. But, some times its just a simple matter of connecting a lead to the phone port on your modem then connecting the other end to a phone socket. This will send the VOIP dial tone down the existing phone cabling inside your home or business and make all the sockets work like before, as long as it is a single number. This may not be so simple for other NBN customers though, depending on what technology your service is connected to, you might needed professional assistance in re-wiring part of the internal wiring, and removing the Telstra lead in cable for this to work. To find out more about this you can read the full article at NBN Multiple Phone Sockets


Can I move my NBN NTD box to a different location?

Yes! In most cases this is totally possible. But there are also other things that can be done to maybe achieve the same results you are looking for. But generally, depending on the technology NBN have used to deliver  you their service, the NTD (network termination device) can be relocated to another part of your home or office. Better still, you can preempt this and have your desired location pre-wired to avoid having to beg a NBN technician to put the NBN box in a reasonable location, and getting them to do that is next to slim. To read more on this topic visit NBN NTD box relocation.



Will our emergency lift phones work with a VOIP NBN phone service?

No! The VoIP service is not suitable for any emergency dialler system.  The dial tone now and phone system works over the internet, which means your modem is where the tone is generated from. If you have a power grid failure and the power in the lifts go out, so does the power to the modem, which in turn means your phones now don’t work.

There are solutions to this issue, which we have been providing to our clients to help with this problem.



ADSL & Phone Line Questions 

The internet is working, but I’m not getting a dial tone and can't use the phone.
This problem is usually caused by what we call, open circuit one leg. All this means is that one of the two wires that brings in your phone and internet service is broken somewhere. You may have seen at your phone socket that you may have a blue and a white wire connected to the copper pins. If one of these wires is cut clean in half, then your internet will still work but your phones won’t.

You need the positive and the negative cables connected to the LI in the exchange to generate a dial tone.  But being a broadband system, your internet is spread over both pairs, so your internet will work but it will be considerably slower.

How can I boost my WiFi signal in my home?

There are a few things that you can do yourself to help boost your Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. If you live in a large house consisting mostly of brick and concrete, you may have troubles accessing your WIFI the further you move away from your router. We have created a list of 7 things you can do to boost your WIFI signal. Click on the button below to get started.


Can you upgrade an old style MDF?

Yes! Absolutely we can. We can upgrade your old soldered port MDF to a new punch down MDF blocks. To find out more about this service click on the button below.



General Questions 

What is an ACMA technician?

The ACMA is an acronym for the Australian Communications & Media Authority. This is the regulator for the telecommunications industry. To be authorises to carried out the kind of work we perform daily you need to be a registered cabler with the ACMA. If you are a registered cabler, then you must uphold the rules and regulations set out in the telecommunications act and follow all ACMA guidelines.


Do you have work available for qualified and registered technicians?

Yes! We work a little bit differently when it comes to using technicians for our clients around Australia. You are totally your own boss, you just need to be registered cabler with the ACMA and hold open registration, and the appropriate insurances.  We just supply you the work, you will carry out the jobs and invoice the customers directly.

To join our telephone technician referral network, it will cost you a small annual fee, and we will create the webpages and bring you in the referrals. We have several different packages depending on what kind of exposure you are after.

To find out more and register your company now click on the button below.


Do you provide emergency call outs after hours?

Yes! We do. The price is a minimum of 4 hours plus the call out fee and any material that might be used.



Pricing and Charges 

How does your pricing work for service calls on phone and internet faults

All telephone technician service calls to your premises will be charged out at a minimum of 1 hours labour & a call out fee. 95% of our jobs are found and fixed within the hour. If on the rare occasion the fault is a difficult one that takes more time, or you are in a large building or home, then after the first hour you will be charged in 1/2 hour blocks from that point on.

Call Out Fee

A call out fee is for the travel our technicians undertake. As you know traveling around Sydney can be expensive these days, with all the tolls and the price of fuel. We have tried to make using our service as fair as possible when it comes to our call out fees and labour. We charge our call out fees depending on how close your service call is to our depot, which is located in Miranda, which is in the Sutherland Shire. The closer you are to us the cheaper we are to you.

Labour Rates

With our labour rates, we are very well priced for the quality of service we provide. Our technician are highly trained, holding open cable registrations and are ACMA approved with police background checks. We provide a warranty on our labour, and all jobs are closed off with a full PDF report that will be emailed to you before we leave your premises. At no cost to you and as part of our service, if we think you need and online report and video for your job to get an ISP refund, your tech, will spend maybe another 45 min after your job, uploading and describing your video to our YouTube channel, then writing a full online report for you. Just one of the ways we go above and beyond


Most jobs are straight forward and are usually a wiring problem that requires little to no material. But you will find that sometimes the fault may be cause by a faulty phone socket, or a troublesome ADSL filter, or damaged internal phone cabling. If this is the case and we need to replace or upgrade some equipment, then additional charges will follow for retail pricing on these items.

Quotes for Faults?

No! We don’t get quotes for faults, because every phone and internet fault is different. Therefore, we use the ‘do on charge’ method, to make it fair all-round.



How much does a lead-in cable inspection cost?
Lead-in cables and getting them connected is nothing short of a horror story of confusion and frustration. We try to help our clients as much as possible in assisting them with getting their lead-in cables installed and connected. But each installation requires different things and processes depending on your requirements. So, to provide our clients the best possible solution in getting this cable installed in a timely manner, we provide a lead-in cable inspections service. We will come to your premises and go through the job with you and provide you with different options in getting your cable installed and the best price. Getting a lead-in cable can shock people sometimes when they find out how much they can cost. So, we charge a rate of $165.00 inc gst to attend your property and help you find a solution to this problem. This price is for our Inspector to attend your property for a 30 min consultation. This may include him rodding and roping existing conduits if they are unblocked and free to use.



Do you provide a warranty?
Yes! We absolutely do. We provide a 12 month warranty on our work. All part will be subject to manufacturer warranty.

We are the best private NBN technician service you will find anywhere. We are ACMA registered technician who has been servicing our clients for over 15 years. We can do the same for you.

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