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Computer Networking for Business 

Having a computer network is always a good way to get more out of your system and its components. This is most defiantly true if you are operating a small business. A computer network allows you to manage all of the operations of a small business like communication, data transfer, and storage with more oversight and ease.  Follow the link if you are after a  home network 

Computer networking Sydney experts Secure a Com can set up a network for your computers to allow you to use the full potential of your systems so all your business needs can be met. You will be able to access the Internet with any computer on the network, as well as share files and devices across it. An effective computer network design can make a big difference for your business.


What Type of Network do you need?

The number one thing you will need to decide is whether you would like your computer network to be wired or wireless. These two methods obviously have their advantages and disadvantages, but either one is suitable for a business network solution.

Wired (or Ethernet) networks are extremely reliable, economical, secure, and easy to install. If you have multiple components to access the Internet with you might opt for a wireless network, which allows broadband access from anywhere you can get a signal.

Wired networks are more for desktop PC setups and wireless is more of a laptop thing. If you have both a desktop and laptop in your office you can simply use a combination of the two.

Peer-To-Peer or Client-Server

Both networks connect computers so that resources can be shared between them. The fundamental differences are in the setup configuration.



In a client-server, multiple clients (computers) connect to a single, central server. Public data and applications are only installed on the server and the clients connect to the server to use the resources.

In order to create a client-server setup, you are probably going to need a server, or at least a server-friendly operating system. Microsoft Windows Server Edition and Linux are very good for this.

You can install one of them on a PC and use it as a server if you like, but if you have a large business it would be wise to consider purchasing a stand-alone server for the job, especially if you are going to be adding or expanding to your network in the future.

Sydney Business Computer Networking Service can take all the hassle out of setting up a computer network for a small to medium sized business.

If you have a business in the Sydney and are considering setting up a computer network why not give us a call and have one of our expert data technicians call around and advise you on what will be the best solution for your office.

Sydney Business Computer Networking Service the Best Computer Networking Company in the Sydney hands down.


In a peer-to-peer setup, every computer acts as both the client and the server. Each computer communicates directly with the other computers in the network and resources can be added or removed.


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