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This customer has been having ongoing dropout with there IINET DSL service since December 2017. They have had 7 visits from technician that have been organised through iiNet but on each occasion they have been unsuccessful in restoring our clients service without the constant dropouts. IINet have advised the customer to hire a private ACMA registered telephone technician to access and report or fix if the problem was with the customers wiring or equipment.


We have supplied a video with all test results showing dropouts above.  First, I checked for line quality of dial tone, there was no dial tone only a soft dial tone, as this is a naked DSL service. We then tested for sync at the customers socket, we go sync and 9 mbps download and 800kbps upload but within 15 seconds the we lost sync as the service dropped out.

We then went to the MDF located about 4 meters from the customers socket. I disconnected the lead in cable from the internal cables and tested on the network. We go sync but again after 15 seconds we lost sync. This was consistent as it would connect again and within seconds dropout (as shown in video)

We also tested the customers internal cabling and it was all within spec, and her socket was new.

This is clearly a network issue and the customers ISP is responsible for finding and restoring your service.


This is the responsibility of your ISP

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