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Foxtel Cabling To Connect NBN Service – Bellevue Hill

Field Job Description

This client rang us and wanted to know if we could install a RG6 cable from the riser cupboard to inside his apartment as this was the method of bringing NBN into his building. As you can see from the video the external wall had a curve so care was taken to make the duct curve with the wall. The customer was having the installer from NBN turn up that same day, so we were under the pump to perform. We go the cable and socket installed just as the NBN installer was turning up to connect the cable.

Job Details

Date 01/06/2017
Tech Jason Kearney
Address Bellevue Hill

  • Meet Deadline 100% 100%
  • Problem Solved 100% 100%
  • Job Resolution 100% 100%


In this case this building has a riser shaft running from the bottom of the building running to the top, with a mains Foxtel cable with tap off junctions on each floor. The installers of this cable have left the responsibly of getting the cable from there to the owners apartments each individual owners responsibility.

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