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I was called to this job today in Caringbah South, it is a new build with a granny flat at the back. The customer has FTTP and need the connection box and power supply installed in a weatherproof box he has mounted on the outside wall of his house.

The house is all brick and concrete so there are few options for running cables. The electrician has installed this weatherproof box on the outside wall and the data cables from the inside sockets all run back to this location. The customer does not want to run any conduits on the outside wall.

This customer has had two service calls from the same NBN technician who has refused to install the power supply and the connection box inside this weatherproof box. There is nothing we can do to help this customer as this is 100% up to NBN to provide a solution for this problem.



We would think it would be best for all concerned if NBN could send someone who knows all the rules and regulation to this customers premises to inspect this setup and provide guidance on how to proceed.  The neighbour seems to have something like what this customer is asking for so we would hope with a little compromise all parties can walk away happy.

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