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How Does a Computer Network Work?

Some of the ISP’s we connect for 
  • TPG 30% 30%
  • Telstra 30% 30%
  • Optus 25% 25%
  • Other 15% 15%

WiFi Network

Home computer networks are a great way for you and all your family to be able to share files and media across all the connected devices in the home. With in a home network you have a couple of different options, 1st you could go with the standard WiFi network that most home’s go with. A WiFi network is the perfect solution for mobile devices it allows any WiFi compatible computer or device to easily connect to the network via a WiFi Router. Follow the link if you are after a business computer network.

Wired Network 

The 2nd method is a wired computer network, this is the perfect option for large homes that the WiFi signal gets lost in the brick and concrete. Having a wired computer network allows any computer or device that can use a LAN cable become part of the network, and you can use a combination of WiFi and Wired to achieve the best results.

When you have a wired network you could then install a wireless access point in one of you LAN point to extent the range of your WiFi signal you could also set up a NAS to store all the shared media and files on, this is great because it means that your devices hard drive space will not be using extra space for the shared media and files, and anyone with the right permissions on that network can quickly access any and all media.

  • WiFi 75% 75%
  • Wired 25% 25%
Our Sydney home Computer networking service can provide you with a wired or wireless network so all your computers and devices in your home can share the same network. With our Wireless computer network you will have a safe and easy way to share all your files on any device in the home. We will configure your wireless network for you and also use state of the art encryption techniques so your files are safe from lurking Wi-Fi hackers. With our Sydney Home Computer Networking Service you can not only share all files on all devices like IPad’s IPhone’s, Laptops , Desktops , or any other device that connect to a network but we can set it up so they all share a central printer. Using some basic hardware such as a wireless router and wireless USB adaptors or network cards for your home desk top we can connect you to a network. Most laptops are wireless networking ready and will not require any additional equipment. 


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Sydney Home Computer Networking Service

Alternatively if you want a hard wired network we have trained and qualified data technician that can easily wire you a private network for your home. This is perfect if you are running a home business and may need that extra level of security.

Sydney Home Computer Network Service has specialised Technician ready to come to your home and advise you on the best and most cost effective way to supply you with a home computer network.

Why not have one central computer with all your movies, music and photos, imagine you could be in the bed room watching a movie on your lap top , your partner could be in the shed on his ipad listening to music and the kids could be watching another movie in there iPods on the bedroom, and with specific filters we can set up for you.

Turning Off the Kids.

With a home network you can easily turn on and off access to different devices in the home so if the kids are playing up you can switch them off until they have finished their homework for instance.


We are the best private NBN technician service you will find anywhere. We are ACMA registered technician who has been servicing our clients for over 15 years. We can do the same for you.

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