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I was called to a job in Mortdale, south of Sydney today for a customer who was having constant dropouts on his NBN HFC service. Every 15 to 20 min the internet would go off then reset itself again in a few minutes.  I checked to see how the place was wired and it just had a single RG6 Quad Shield cable going from the socket directly to the NBN box at the sie of the house.

The customer told me that every time he played his Sony Playstation that it would also cause his internet to drop out, I thought that was strange.

I had the customer switch on his Playstation and start to play a game. Within a few seconds indeed his internet did drop out. All the lights on the NBN HFC BlackBox remained on but all the lights on the modem dropped out.



Once I had seen all the lights on the modem drop out but all the lights on the HFC box remained on I then knew it was either a modem issue or either cable issue, or power issue.  I tested LAN patch lead and that tested fine. The customer had been sent out 2 other modems from Optus so I thought that the modem was probably not the problem. The only issue left was a power problem. Because when the light on the modem went out, they all went out even the power light.

I then had the customer remove the modem and NBN box power from the multi power board and plug them directly into another socket. I called back the next day and the customer told all the dropouts had stopped.

So this was an issue with a power surge that was coming from the power board.  Watch the video attached to this post for more information regarding this issue.

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