Common Internet Problems

Common Internet Problems
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I will be adding more to this course over time, so once you get in now at this price you get all the latest content once it gets added for no extra charge.

NBN & What To Expect (2)

NBN & What to Expect

NBN does come with a few changes and things you might need to prepare yourself for. The way your home is wired could be an issue, and you might not know that certain things you had been used to for many years may also change. In this course, we will do our best to cover the potential problems you may run into when getting a new NBN service.


Baisc Troubleshooting for NBN

Is your NBN or ADSL service running slow or dropping out? We have put together a short course for you to be able to troubleshoot things by yourself so if the issue is something inside your home you might just be able to fix it yourself. You might just have things back and working without the need of your ISP or a private technician.

Setting Up Your Devices

Once you have a new NBN connection and everything is working correctly you still have the task of setting up your computers and devices to work through the new NBN modem and router. You will learn basic knowhow to get your devices connected and working correctly. You will learn how to set up your service with FTTC FTTN FTTB HFC

What is in the course

Things you will learn in this course


A brief introduction from the head technician. Jason has worked in the telecommunications industry since 1998 with experience in both network and internal ADSL, NBN, phone and data cabling faults. 


Learn some basic set-up and troubleshooting for your NBN services. We have instructional videos that will help to set up your connection devices and modem gateways. These videos will also give you some basic troubleshooting procedures. This lesson will grow over time with even more content to be added. 


Jason will talk you through some common issue that we find regularly. These common issues, can be found and sometimes fixed by yourself at home. Some of the topics are corrosion, your home wiring, office and factory, network technician. More content will be added to this lesson over time. We hope to grow this course to be rich with useful information. 


We will also show you some of the things that we find that remains the responsibility of your ISP. Network problems remain a big problem out there.

We have been a long time customer of SECURE A COM.  Jason is a gun troubleshooter and has solved many internet issues for me at home and my business. This course is going to be a gamechanger as it will allow people to check for basic issue themself before having to outlay money for a technician

Trevor Henderson

I run a small I.T company in Melbourne and we have been using Jason to service our Sydney clients. He has a way of explaining a complicated situation in plain English, and always deliveries on resolving our small business customers issues. If Jason is running this, I recommend it.
Trisha Florence

I’m 1 of 4 people running a small tech startup in Sydney. 12 months ago we found  SECURE A COM  when we were having wifi signal losses. Jason provided a simple plan to have our signal strength balanced throughout the whole workspace. I’m sure this course will be informative.
Alexander Grigorjeva

Troubleshoot Your Internet Problems Now!

Sometimes the problems are so simple if you would have just followed these steps, you could have saved time and money.

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