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Government to change laws on

unlimited local calls. 

To government is considering changing the laws around local call charge rates, as written about in today’s Daily Telegraph. This could mean that Australian Telco’s will end up with a lot more money in their pockets with the current regulations lifted. All Telco’s have been required to offer unlimited local calls to there customers but if this new law takes affect this could end up hurting some of our eldest and poorest countrymen and women. With a large number of the elderly still reliant on making local call’s this could see them even more out of pocket if the rates for local calls rise.

telephone-line-repairs-sydney-nswWith more and more people using their mobile phones the old land line call has taken a big old hit with revenue for the telco’s. More people are now only using their phone line now just to mainly get the Internet connected the Telco’s will still be reliant on the copper network for sometime into the future. Eventually sometime in the not so distant future there will be a world were local and international calls will cost you nothing, you will only need to pay for your internet connection. Companies like Skype and Viber are getting closer to bringing us the cheap or free global online telephone system that will work anywhere as long as you have an internet signal.

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