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If you have been connected to Optus cable phone and internet in the past and are moving over to NBN FTTC or FTTN service there may be a few things you will need to consider if you plug your new FTTC Network Connection Device into your socket and nothing happens.

Why Your NBN Is Not Working On Optus Cable Sockets.

When the house or building you are in signed up for the Optus cable network all those years ago, the technician from Optus would have installed an Optus box on the side of your house, and from that box they would have run cables to either, new sockets they the technician would have installed or existing phone sockets.

If the installing technician used the existing phone sockets, they would have disconnected the existing Telstra lead in cable that connects from your house to the Telstra network out in the street. If they used there own sockets then there may be a single socket, most likely the oldest existing phone socket inside your house. This socket should have your NBN data on it.

What Needs To Happen To Get Sockets Working With NBN

In some cases as I explained above, you may have one socket inside your house that still is connected to the old Telstra copper lead in cable. NBN FTTC and FTTN will be using the existing Telstra copper lead in cable to deliver your NBN service, so by finding and connecting your NBN FTTC Network Connection Device to this socket your sync light should come on and you should be ok.

If you can’t find this socket, the cable may be cut and just under your house. This will need to be reconnected into your internal wiring of your home, and the Optus lead in phone cable will need to be disconnected.

Getting Your Existing Phone Sockets Working With Dial Tone.

Most people don’t realises that once connected to NBN FTTC or FTTN your existing phone sockets won’t have a dial tone like they did in the past. This is because if the installing technician doesn’t separate the lead-in cable from the internal cables, then all the internal cables will carry only the FTTC data on that pair of the line.

This can be fixed. If you would like to have your dial tone working on your phone sockets throughout your home like before we provide a special service just for you. This is becoming an increasing problem as more people migrate over to NBN. Get in touch to find out more. You can find more info on connecting multiple socket to an NBN connection here . If you have a HFC connection, you can find out about connecting existing phone sockets with a NBN HFC connection here. 

We Can Help You

If you live in Sydney and have just moved over from Optus cable to NBN FTTC or FTTN and can’t get your service to work, it is more than likely one of the reasons I explained above. Visit our home page and or give us a call. We can you your new FTTC service working in no time.