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NBN Check

Are you ready to connect to NBN? The National Broadband Network is rolling out across Australia now, is your home NBN ready? Some Sydneysiders will be receiving letters informing them of the disconnection date from their old ADSL copper line services. It’s not as scary as it may seem to switch to an NBN carrier.

NBN will take care of all your network cabling. (this can sometimes exclude your lead-in cable) They are responsible for providing you with adequate cabling from the source all the way to the NBN box on the side of your home, or MDF if you are in an apartment or an office.

NBN Check-up

nbn-socket-check Insulation resistance test on home cabling

nbn-socket-check Assess wiring status for your NBN technology 

nbn-socket-check Socket Inspection and find lead-in cable

nbn-socket-check Speed text on the current setup 

nbn-socket-check ACMA registered technician and a full report

$250 Book Your Check-up Now

One of our ACMA registered technicians will attend your property and test your cabling and sockets for faults that could potentially slow down your new NBN service.  Read on for more information on this service. Sydney Only. 

Home Cabling Check for NBN

If you’re the type of person that likes to think ahead, you may have already asked yourself the question. Is my existing cabling going to slow down my NBN speeds? Is your house a bit older, and cabling is over 20 years installed? Having an NBN cabling check on your home could be a solid investment in your own peace of mind, and not to mention your speeds if a problem is found. Not every new NBN connection runs smoothly, we see a lot of both network problems and home wiring problems that can result in slow speeds or no connection at all. See some of our work here. 

We test your cabling for a few things but mostly insulation resistance. We also like to see how your home is wired either Star or Series. We provide a written report with our recommendations and advice on your cabling that is emailed to you on the spot. We will explain to you in plain English what we find and what we think should happen.

If we find problems with your cabling, we can provide you with a quote that day or on getting your cabling up to scratch. If we find you have a small issue that can be solved on the day, out technician will go ahead and fix it for you on the spot. If its a bigger job and cable or sockets may need to be repalce and our tech has time before his next appointment he can go ahead and also make repairs on your cabling. (You may incure additional charges) Sometimes the cabling might be ok but it is how the house is wired that will conflict with the way NBN is bringing you your service. We will also provide you with advice on the best way to cable your home for NBN.

Wrong Cables for the Technology

NBN is a hybrid system unless you are on FTTP. So the other technologies are FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, HFC and Fixed Wireless. Depending on how your service over the NBN will be delivered, it will then depend on what type of cable you will need. HFC is a coaxial cable, and the FTT* services will be twisted copper. Most people have at least old Telstra copper cables, but many don’t have RG6 cabling at the right spec to handle the full NBN speeds. We can help you plan out what you need.

Home Socket Check for NBN

A lot of homes would have what they call a First Socket. This is the socket that the lead-in cable goes to, or where the first cable from the Telstra box goes to from the side of the house. Identifying this socket is important when connecting to the NBN as you always want to have your NBN connection box connected to the first socket. If you have it on the third of the fourth socket in the chain this could cause a bridge tap, or just cause a slow service. NBN is a different animal to ADSL. If you want to upgrade your sockets or add a new NBN wall socket inside your home or office we can help.

Optus Cable Customer

If you have been on Optus cable forever, this might present a fresh set of potential problems. Many people moved to Optus cable in the ’90s and have been with them ever since. A lot of these people may discover that they might have lead-in cable trouble. You may have to find your old Telstra lead-in cable that may be cut or disconnected and just lying under your house. This cable will then need to be taken to the first socket inside your home for NBN to connect to. NBN doesn’t use any Optus cabling as network cabling but they do use Foxtel cables for HFC. The Optus network will start to be pulled down in the next couple of years, rendering it redundant.

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