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This customer had just gone over to NBN FTTC from an ADSL service. Well he was keeping his ADSL service and having an NBN FTTC service. He had been trying to get this service working for 6 weeks with no luck. After much frustration and TIO complaints decided to give us a call after seeing some of our YouTube Videos.



The first thing I did was put a cat6 rj45 socket on the end of the red/black pair of the cable coming from the NBN box on the side of the house. Then I connected it up to the FTTC connection device looking for it to connect to the network. I then connected my tech phone to the first pair the blue/white to see if we had a clear dial tone on that line.

The ADSL service was working fine and would connect ok. But the second pair that should have been connected to the NBN FTTC box inside the pit in the street was not getting any signal. We left it connected for about 15-20 min, but nothing happened.

We have come across this problem before, and it a lot of the times is due to the two services running through the same lead-in cable into the property. Well thats what we thought in the video, but we had feedback from the customer on this one. It ended up being NBN wired it up wrong inside the pit. Not sure how they did that, but they managed to do it.

We have found in the past that FTTC can be very temperamental. When connecting FTTC to the second pair of a lead-in cable the first pair will sometimes be needed to be disconnected at the snot box. Only once this cable is cut inside the snot box the for some reason then the FTTC connection device will start working.

Strange Indeed, but I have experienced this myself on may occasions.


Are you experiencing a similar problem or have a cabling job you need to be completed by professionals? Get in touch and let us know what you need, we can certainly help. Call 02 91881577 or click on the book a tech button now if you want to book now

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