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NBN is now being delivered to all homes and businesses across Australia. It is being supplied to each address in a number of ways, one of them is NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC). If you already have a cable Foxtel service then you are already wired for HFC and the transition from ADSL or Cable internet should be straight forward.

The HFC network is mostly run over the existing Foxtel cables. With many types of NBN delivery methods, HFC is not such a bad option. Where copper cables like fibre to the node or some fibre to the curb services can have speed or dropout issues, line attenuation with some of the longer cable runs of 3.5 to 6km from a node. HFC cables can provide a more consistent speed over a longer cable run.

Homes that have Foxtel pay-tv service will have RG6 cables run internally inside your home to the various wall outlets. This will be exactly the cabling that the national broadband network will use to bring HFC internet into your home. So any existing Foxtel outlet cable is used to connect your HFC connection device.

If I don’t have Foxtel cables?

If your area has been zoned for HFC and you don’t have an existing pay-tv or cable network connection from Foxtel, then at some stage NBN will send around a contractor. They will run a cable from the tap-out point in the pit or the street pole, to where the line enters your home at the NBN connection box. If you don’t have a socket inside your home and need one installed, the can install one up to 1.8 meters from the NBN connection box. Anything past this point they suggest you find a private technician to install the rest of the cable run.



Rg6 cables for NBN

Connected to The NBN

Reports so far from the majority of our customers on HFC has been positive. The connection seems to be strong and consistent. We very rarely attend a fault on an HFC service most of the work we do here is for installations.


Overall HFC is not a bad way to go. You could be doing worse. The only thing here is having the HFC connection device and modem/router installed in a location that suits your needs. We have known clients of ours who have held their ground with their ISP about having a socket installed in a suitable location. In some cases, the ISP will ok the customer to engage a private NBN technician such as us to do the job and then reimburse their clients.

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