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Do you have a shop in Westfields Miranda and are moving over from and ADSL internet service to NBN? You will need to find a private NBN technician to do your MDF jumpering. We are a local Miranda Telecommunication company that has been connecting shops in Westfields Miranda for years, and we can help. You might not realise that NBN will only connect your new internet service to the A-Side of the MDF, and you need to find a company like ours to complete the work to the socket inside your shop. 

We have been through the induction process for Westfields Miranda and have passed the security checks to be able to provide you with this service. NBN is now available now in Westfields Miranda, and you can now move over from your slow old ADSL service to an FTTB NBN service. Once you have an installation date, a tech will be sent out from your ISP to connect your service inside the MDF room of Westfields. If you plug in your new NBN modem and it doesn’t work there is a very good chance that the cable that is at your socket is not connected to the new NBN service. You will need to have someone like us run a jumper wire inside the MDF room to connect you from the internal wiring to the NBN block. 


We can quickly get your shop connected to NBN and because we an ACMA registered cable provider if there is a fault on the service that might slow down your new NBN connection we can quickly find and repair the fault so you will get the fastest speeds that your NBN service can provide. 


Do you need MDF jumpering completed by professionals? Get in touch and let us know what you need, we can certainly help. Call 02 91881577 or click on the book a tech button now if you want to book now

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