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No Dial Tone or Internet New Connection – Gymea Bay

Field Job Description

Customer had new connection with Telstra sometime around the Christmas period. Line has not worked since it was installed. Customer held off reporting until three weeks ago and then Telstra sent out a technician to make repairs. Ref # INT1-1037100436708The technician went down to the garage and made some kind of test on the line and told the customer the problem was internal and the needed to contract a private contractor to make repairs. I came out to day to fix the line. Customer has one socket in the kitchen which is connected to a black aerial lead in cable. It had no dial tone went down to garage and the lead in cable was joined, I separated the join and checked going back to the socket and as you will see in the video I was getting a clear tone, and the cable was testing ok. The lead in cable going out to the street pole had no dial tone. This is 100% a network issue. This customer should be refunded for our service call today as the Telstra tech who was here told this customer it was an internal problem and I could clearly show her that the issue was in the network.

Job Details

Telco/ISP Telstra
Date 16/03/2017
Tech Jason Kearney
Address Gymea Bay

  • Telstra Network Fault 100% 100%
  • Internal Wiring Fault 0% 0%
  • Job Resolution 100% 100%


Update: We are happy to report that a few days after we attended this job our client ran to thanks us for the help as our reporting had the ISGM tech who originally attended this job to return to fix it properly. This client reported that they received a 100% refund from their ISP directly from our findings and reporting.

SECURE A COM - Conclusion to this job

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