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No Dial Tone On Phone Line – Illawong

Field Job Description

This customer has been told by Optus that he had an internal wiring fault. We came out today to investigate the problem and have found that there is no dial tone on the end of the lead in cable. He had a technician come out yesterday and left a card stating there was no issue from the pit outside the house. Customer has replaced modem with new at the request of Optus but this didn’t fix anything. When I checked the lead in cable we had no dial tone just a hum on the line. I let the customer take a listen and he also confirms that there is no dial tone on the network side of the cable. This is 100% a network issue and this customer was misinformed by Optus and contracted us today at a cost and should be reimbursed for our service.

Job Details

Telco/ISP Optus
Date 23/03/2017
Tech Jason Kearney
Address Illawong

  • Telstra Network Fault 100% 100%
  • Internal Wiring Fault 0% 0%
  • Job Resolution 100% 100%


Update: We found out a week later that this customer did have a network line fault on his line. He called us to thank us for our help, and he was happy to report that with the help of us and our reporting he got a 100% refund for our service from his ISP

SECURE A COM - Conclusion to this job

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