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No Sync On Modem – Glenwood

Field Job Description

Client just moved into house and had NBN connected with Iinet. Client was told by the real estate who was told by the landlord that for the internet to work he had to plug into the male lead that was hanging out of the socket. Was not active. The socket below it as you can see in the video had the first pair of the lead in cable attached.

Job Details

Telco/ISP IINet
Date 03/07/2014
Tech Jason Kearney
Address Glenwood



  • Telstra Network Fault 0% 0%
  • Internal Wiring Fault 0% 0%
  • Job Resolution 100% 100%


I plugged the modem into the second socket and the modem got sync with the exchange and the the internet light came on. This customer now has a fully working service.

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