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New England Telephone Technician Services 

Looking for qualified telephone technician in the Tamworth region look no further. If you are experiencing slow internet speeds or your internet keeps dropping out or you have a crackle or static on your line it could be that you have an internal wiring fault. If your ISP has told you that you need to find a ACMA registered telephone technician you have come to the right place. Need data cabling for an NBN connected service or maybe even MDF jumpering we can provide you with all these services at a very competitive price

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If you are a Tamworth local and need one of our services please call our contact number to speak to a senior telephone technician who may be able to diagnose the problem you are having over the phone.

SECURE A COM is based in Sydney but now is branching out to different parts of NSW. Tamworth is the second regional area we have decided to provide our services too. Some areas of the New England region we will be servicing just out of our Tamworth base will be Nundle – Moonbi -Moore Creek – Kootingal – Garthowen – Dungowan – Bendemeer – Attunga – Somerton just to name a few. Phone line repairs, Phone line installations, Data cabling, NBN services.

Telstra only look after the network side of your phone line cabling now, that network extends from your local telephone exchange to the NBP (network boundary point) which is usually the black lead-in cable that terminates at the first socket of your house. If you live in a unit or you are a business in a comercial building this NBP will be located at the MDF. (main distribution frame) Once the Telstra technician or contractor has made the assessment that the fault is not in their network that is where there responsibility finishes and yours begins. This is where you will need to find a qualified ACMA registered telephone technician like us to sort out your cabling and get you working properly again.

Now with NBN if you want to take advantage of the high speed internet you will need to wire your home or business with 1 gigabit Cat6 data cable’s, this is a service we specialise in and we can rewire your home or office to have you surfing the internet at super high speeds.

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tpg-phone-line-installation-sydney-secure-a-comiinet-phone-line-installation-sydney-secure-a-comdodo-phone-line-installation-sydney-secure-a-comtelstra-phone-line-installation-sydney-secure-a-comphone-line-installation-sydney-secure-a-com-optusinternode-phone-line-installation-sydney-secure-a-comiprimus-phone-line-installation-sydney-secure-a-com                                       Some of the above companies we receive referral work from to help their clients. Note: We have no affiliation with any of these companies.
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Are you a Telephone technician? We are looking for people who have are ACMA resisted to take on a position in the Tamworth New England area. You must have experience working in this field and be able to locate faults and provide phone line installations and also have a working knowledge of data cabling for NBN or computer networking. You must have your own vehicle tools and testing equipment, must have public liability and workers compensation and have a company already set up. (sorry sole traders) If you are ex Telstra, Service Stream, or Downer contractor who have worked in I&M (install and maintenance) this will be looked on favorably as we know you would have had the training to find and locate faults and would have a good knowledge of the processes. We will also need to perform a police background check as you will be working unsupervised in our clients homes and businesses. So if this sounds like something that would interest you give us a call on the office number 02 9188 1577

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