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Acer Nitro N50-600 Gaming PC – Intel Core i7-8700

Acer Nitro N50-600 Gaming PC – Intel Core i7-8700

Discover new excitement and inspire your identity as a gamer with the Acer Nitro N50-600 gaming PC. Touted as dynamic, this PC has red LEDs that burn brightly to set the mood for an intense journey into the realm of gaming. Hover over the features and see how it’s time to game like a pro with an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and experience more than ever before with lightning-fast DDR4 memory. Play games in 4K at high frame rates or stream high definition videos without lagging.
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Style: Core i7, 256GB, GTX 1660Ti

If you’re looking to be immersed in some seriously hardcore gaming, get ready for an intense adventure into the realm of Acer Nitro 50 Gaming PCs. With its dynamic contours and burning red LEDs, this machine sets the mood for an immersive experience as you disconnect from reality through fast-paced full HD games. Designed with Intel Core i7 CPUs and specs that ensure smooth data transfer at speeds up to 2,660 MT/s (that’s faster than DDR3), everything about this PC screams quality and performance—thanks to a 16 GB dual-channel memory capacity beating out other models by 3006 MHz. Apart from delivering more advanced features like speed control and overclocking, there are also many gamer-oriented features inside the Acer Nitro.

The Acer Nitro N50 Gaming PC impresses with a sleek design and red lighting. Whether you’re looking to explore the deepest depths of space or make it across a busy cityscape, you’ll have a powerful ally on your side. The AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 2.8GHz Processor provides high-end productivity while NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics take charge of 4K video output and VR processing for outside-the-box experiences that are out of this world (literally). With speeds up to 2 gigabytes per second, 802.11ac Wi-Fi connects quickly and reliably for legless streaming throughout your house (or galaxy).

Take a break from gaming to get some work done. Edit, design, stream and create with all-out tech performance. Game, stream and design like a pro with an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor. Get the best possible performance out of your Nitro 50 with 8GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory! Higher performance with lower power requirements than DDR3: data transfer up to 2,666 MT/s using 20% less power. Sound 360° drops crushing audio directly into the mix with a comprehensive toolset for superior sound control.

Optimise your online gaming and keep the data flowing fast and strong with the force of Dragon LAN. With state-of-the-art DSP technology and mixed-mode signal technology, the RTL8118AS (Dragon LAN) offers high-speed transmission over CAT 5 UTP cable or CAT 3 UTP (10Mbps only) cable.

Don’t let your next gaming adventure be the same as all of the others. Trade-in the old for a new Acer Nitro N50-600 Gaming PC so you can unleash your inner gamer and experience what it feels like to take control. Compatible with voice commands, this powerful machine has an 8/8″ screen and is ready for 4K visuals, HDMI 2 Display Ports, Gigabit Ethernet Ports + Wi-Fi Connectivity, USB 3.1 Type-A -C Ports (5Gb/s). Let’s get real – it doesn’t matter how much power you have if no one can hear you scream victory! With Sound Blaster X 360° technology Dolby Digital EX 7.1 built right into the unit there will never.

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