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Dell Latitude E7250 Ultrabook Intel Core i5 5300u Processor

Dell Latitude E7250 Ultrabook Intel Core i5 5300u Processor

The new Dell Latitude E7250 Ultrabook is here! With Intel Core i5 5th Generation Processor, 4GB of DDR4 Memory Card reader and all the ports you need for a sleeker laptop experience. The Universal Jack lets you connect your phone or tablet to the big screen with an HDMI connection and PowerShare charging ability so that your mobile devices can share battery power on the go. Dell’s optional Edocking connector, 3 USB 3.0 (one with PowerShare), mDP Network connector (RJ-45), SIM card slot and non-dock 1 M.2 expansion slot allow you to customize your device down to the port level – whether productivity or presentation is your focus, we’ve got you covered!




Experience a new way to work, realize more of your creative ambitions, and be immersed in the world around you with the newer, thinner Dell Latitude E7250 Ultrabook. With an Intel Core i5 5th generation processor and loaded with Windows 10, this up-to-date machine will keep everything running smoothly no matter what adventurous endeavours await you ahead. You can take on anything from emails to coding or multimedia desktop publishing without even pausing for breath. This one is also beautiful enough to turn heads at any conference!

Available in 12″ or 14″ screen size, this thin and lightweight Ultrabook offers mobility at its finest. With a thickness of just 19.4mm and a weight of only 2.76lbs, your Latitude 7000 Series will stay with you through travels. And with our beautiful high-resolution screens (LED-backlit anti-glare), Dell’s Full HD video camera (optional), touch fingerprint reader, a thermal array to keep your machine cool all throughout the day, integrated 4G LTE Advanced connectivity ……these new devices are anything but rugged!

The Latitude 7000 Series is loaded with industry-leading Dell Data Protection and Dell ControlVault including comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication, and malware prevention, making it the world’s most secure Ultrabook. Now available in a sleek magnesium alloy chassis with Corning Gorilla Glass (NBT), woven carbon fiber display backs plus an option for touch screens or multi-touch with gesture support coupled with Intel Core processors on processor configurations up to 4th generation quad-core i7.

Intel Core i5 5th Generation Processor
Universal Jack SD 4.0 Memory card reader Optional Edocking connector, 3 USB 3.0 (one with PowerShare), HDMI, mDP Network connector (RJ-45), SIM card slot Non-dock: 1 M.2 expansion slot: 1 WLAN/BT/WiGig E-Dock: 2 M.2 expansion slots: 1 WWAN/SSD and 1 WLAN/BT/WiGig Optional SmartCard Reader and optional Fingerprint Reader Lock slot
Loaded with Windows 10
6 Month Warranty

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