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Grease Filling Scotchlok – Phone Cable Connector

Grease Filling Scotchlok – Phone Cable Connector

Fits a variety of wires for your next DIY project. Make sure to buy enough and gel filling mix will be inside, find quick solutions by phone cable connector!
With 100 connectors, this is a great way to save money on wire issues due to broken connections. These plastic casings are durable when used properly with the right amount of strength. For phone or data signal cables, this product can handle up to 0.9mm thicknesses efficiently and easily attach onto any appropriate conductor’s plug-in wiring connection point without compromising performance in order for you to complete whatever household repairs required super fast!




The Grease Filling Scotchlok is a high-quality terminal wire connector you can use to quickly and securely connect two wires. With the 100Pcs UY2 K2 Connector, you'll be able to instantaneously create an electrical connection between your home and office phone lines in one step. If that wasn't enough of a bang for your buck, these phone line connectors are made using ABS material--a nonporous material that will never corrode or allow protective gasses to escape. Whether you work in construction or manage telephone systems for rural communities, this pack of Scotchloks will make an invaluable addition to any toolbox!

The Scotchlok is a 2-Pole, Dual blade cable connector which can connect two telephone wires. It features a specially formulated gel that provides an extremely tight seal to assure the user of resistance against moisture and electricity. This greaseless filling prevents corrosion, which reduces clogging with dirt and dust.

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