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Lenovo 30BX002DUS ThinkStation

Lenovo 30BX002DUS ThinkStation

You demand reliability for your work, and the Lenovo ThinkStation P520c delivers. The perfect desktop computer for creatives who need to balance heavy workloads with light multitasking, it’s been certified by industry giants including Oculus and Microsoft. It’s also a cinch to upgrade: just swap in a new CPU or graphics card when you’re ready for more power.

It’s time to upgrade your workstation and invest in some cutting-edge features. With the ThinkStation P520C, you’ll never have to compromise on processing power while multitasking with graphics tasks for immersive VR applications. The latest Intel CPU, plus Nvidia Quadro P600 graphics card gets things done fast no matter how you configure it. And don’t forget about the compact design that takes up less room than traditional PCs thanks to Lenovo’s dedication to energy efficiency and keeping prices affordable!




Lenovo, the world’s fourth-largest computer maker and one of the most innovative companies in the fast-paced IT industry, offers a high-performance Lenovo Thinkstation solution with an incredible range of capabilities. The product delivers phenomenal processing power to handle intense demands (Intel Xeon processors) at lightning speeds (3.6 GHz speed), while providing unbeatable data protection features for maximum peace of mind.

This ThinkStation 30BX002DUS PC from Lenovo provides office workers with the necessary performance, style and design to look their best at work. With 2 USB ports available, there’s never a shortage of spark plugs for your keyboard, mouse or phone charger for charging while you do your thing at this cubicle. It maintains processing power with its 3.6 GHz intel_xeon processor that is DDR4 compatible and boosts speed up to 2666 MHz. This laptop features 16 GB of memory which ensures flawless multitasking without much lag time in between programs popping up on the screen; great when working on the spreadsheet after spreadsheet over a long period of time! In addition, it has a 512 GB Flash Memory Solid State drive.

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