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Thermaltake Gaming Computer Rapture V2 – AMD Ryzen 5-3600

Thermaltake Gaming Computer Rapture V2 – AMD Ryzen 5-3600

Get your adrenalin pumping with the future-proof Rapture V2. Made for full-time content creators and graphically intensive PC gamers, this system uses high-quality components to deliver peak performance. With our stunning H550 chassis, vibrant RGB lighting, and an RTX 3060 graphics card inside, there’s nothing more you can ask for in a gaming computer! Get ready to take on anything life throws at you with our no-holds-barred system build.




The Rapture V2 is a system dedicated to avid PC gamers and content creators who need more from their hardware. This system uses high quality components, including an RTX 3060 graphics card to provide you with peak graphical performance for graphically intensive titles like Battlefield V or Resident Evil 2. With gigabit Ethernet connectivity along with storage speeds of up to 10GB/sec, your download times are cut down and anything in-game will load faster than ever before. All this comes housed inside our sleek H550 Chassis alongside some stunning customisable RGB lighting so the Rapture V2 can match any desk setup exactly. If you want to dive into full time content creation or graphically intensive PC gaming, The Rapture has got you covered.

It’s not every day you get your hands on a gaming rig built by computer specialists in Hong Kong. But that’s exactly what the Rapture V2 is: exceptional performance and fast booting, custom-engineered desktop made for serious gamers with overclocker tendencies. Powered by AMD’s successor to last year’s award-winning processors – the RYZEN 5 3600 CPU – combined with a Geforce RTX 3060 graphics card, up 16GB of DDR4 memory and dual SSD drives supporting upwards of 3TB worth of capacity amongst them so your games can live large without doing anything else large themselves.

  • AMD RYZEN 5 3600 CPU
  • Geforce RTX 3060 Graphics Card
  • All-in-one cooling solution
  • Exceptional performance
  • Fast boot times

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