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TP-Link DECO X60 Mesh Wi-Fi AX3000 (3-pack)

TP-Link DECO X60 Mesh Wi-Fi AX3000 (3-pack)

TP-Link’s Deco X60 Tri-Pack employs Wi-Fi 6 Technology to deliver faster speeds, broader coverage and low latency. A 4X4 antenna design provides boosted seamless whole-home coverage with a clearer and stronger signal generated by Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Speed up and connect more around your home with Wi-Fi 6. The TP-Link DECO X60 provides quicker, more stable connections so you can enjoy ultra-low latency gaming and video chatting without slowdowns or dropped signals. With (literally) unlimited room for expansion, the X60 allows you to turn a house full of coverage into one seamless network that will have nothing standing in its way.



Style Name:Pack-3|550㎡

In the DECO X60 Home Wi-Fi System, you can enjoy high speeds with WiFi 6. With OFDM and MU-MIMO technology, your network is capable of handling four times as many devices. Setup is simple with one Deco to boost your connection and others for broader coverage or more Decos simply for seamless whole-home coverage together in one network.

The TP-Link DECO X60 boosts whole-home coverage, perfect for challenging wireless setups and long Wi-Fi cable runs. Brilliant, seamless Wi-Fi in every new room no matter how far apart they are – even at the edges of your home or all the way outside! Use this one single device to transform your house into a well connected smart home.

This mesh WiFi system is designed to deliver a huge boost in coverage, speed and total capacity. The TP-Link Deco AX3000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System is designed to deliver a huge boost in coverage, speed and total capacity. Deco X60 builds a more efficient network with 4x the average throughput on connected devices in dense environments thanks to Wi-Fi 6 technology. TP-Link Mesh means Deco units work together to form one unified network. Your phone or tablet automatically connects to the fastest Deco as you move through your home, creating a truly seamless Wi-fi experience that’s just what your connected life deserves.

The TP-Link DECO X60 features six data streams to accommodate multiple connected devices, so you can enjoy 8K streaming and responsive gaming without any interruption. You’ll also have access to a kit of tools to help protect sensitive data and manage guests throughout your home with the free lifetime subscription to TP-Link HomeCareTM. Deco app will take care of the rest, getting your network up and running in minutes. The pure white design, simple but all-embracing, evokes a wintery mood or a bright summer day. Deco X60 with a delicate body case makes it perfect to blend into various home decorations.

Every family member connects to the same wireless network and enjoys ultra-low latency without any bandwidth restrictions. Separate units in a home create a whole-home network with an auto-switching connection as you enter different parts of your home. Enhanced security creates an even safer online experience, with WPA3 encryption and TP-Link HomeCareTM service that’ll keep you up to date on potential threats. And it’s easy! Just follow our app guided setup, or connect within minutes using your smartphone or tablet on our web access page for supervised installation too.
The Deco X60 has everything so every member of the family can enjoy their streaming high-quality movies, TV shows, games—even during demanding times like dinner time while cooking something delicious to Leading Support- Industry-leading 3-year warranty and 24/7 technical support

One network that’s always with you, one click on a phone and say “goodbye” to the WiFi blues. Introducing the DECO X60 by TP-Link, which creates a whole-home mesh network in minutes flat without the need for manual installation. With self-healing technology and highly intelligent antennae, it automatically chooses the best connection as you move around your home – ensuring high speeds and uninterrupted gaming! This modern marvel also comes with unparalleled security features like WPA3 encryption and TP-link HomeCareTM which provide parental controls, antivirus protection, QoS for outstanding video quality.

Ideal for gamers, online chatters, and those who just want ultra-fast Wi-Fi in every room. The DECO X60 has a single point setup – download the app and pick up your phone or laptop to get started. No more worrying about whether you left wifi on in that one corner of the house! The DECO X60 is very secure with encryption WPA3 security and the HomeCareTM app offering antivirus protection. Quality of service (QoS) provides lag-free gaming while Parental Controls give parents peace of mind by blocking bad sites or requiring kids to review sites before visiting them.
Wi-Fi worry days are over!

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