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The Best Ethernet Cable, Cat 7 Gigabit LAN Network RJ45

The Best Ethernet Cable, Cat 7 Gigabit LAN Network RJ45

UGREEN ethernet cable cat7 is specially designed to transmit data at a speed of 10Gbps. No matter when you are surfing the Internet, streaming videos, listening to music or online gaming – there’s no hassle with slow network connections! The UGREEN Ethernet Cable Cat 7 connects all hardware destinations on your LAN and has universal compatibility for PC laptop computer server printer router-modem networking switch boxe network media player NAS VoIP phone IP cam Raspberry Pi 4 PS3 PlayStation 3 PS4 PlayStation 4 PS5 Nintendo Switch X-box Xbox (including original model)
Universal Compatibility: This high-speed CAT 7Ethernet cable can connect any device using an RJ45 port including PCs Laptops Computers Servers Printers Routers Modems

Flat Ethernet Cable: The thin flat cord makes this LAN cable super flexible and much easier to manage when crossing under the carpet, door, drawer or along the wall. It effectively helps avoid tangling and saving space.



The lifespan of your computer’s Ethernet cable is a hidden concern for many people, but now there’s no need to worry. Our Cat7 LAN cables send data at up to ten times the speed of an average home’s broadband connection so you can enjoy smooth and uninterrupted streaming. Wired networks are also more reliable and secure than wireless connections whether it’s in your home or office where these UGREEN ethernet network cables will give you a strong and fast internet connection that won’t fail when everyone else does. 100% compatibility with major brands like NetGear®, Belkin, TPLink® etc., as well as CAT71-7 compliance backed up by our Lifetime Warranty on any defects such as contact scraps or faulty wiring means they

In the era of high/data-intensive technology, UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet cable cat7 concerns the need for speed and pure networking. With 10Gbps bandwidth, your network will be flawless in smooth data transferring and displaying on HD videos or gaming.


The innovative design adds safety: It is made of durable, high-quality materials for long-term connection. The RJ45 connector is plastic protected with a metal ring to protect the interface against collision and external damage. Conductor cores also have shielding in TPE outer sheaths for conformity with American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Overall cable length is 3 meters including 2 meters shielded category 7C conductor which is well suited under Category 5e/6 standard and 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps) Ethernet performance levels.

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The thin, flat cord makes this network cable super flexible and much easier to manage when crossing under the carpet or along the wall. It effectively helps avoid tangling while providing better protection from crosstalk, noise, and interference compared to a Cat 6 Ethernet patch cable with 2 RJ45 connectors on each end that comes in at 10 feet long.
Enhanced Durability: 24k gold-plated and over-moulded strain-relief connectors make this rj45 network cord more durable for a longer lifespan.

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