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Waterwood Phone Telephone Butt Test Tester Lineman

Waterwood Phone Telephone Butt Test Tester Lineman

“The telephone tester from Waterwood is the perfect tool for your next project. It’s a dual-system FSK/DTMF (frequency shift keying/dual-tone multifrequency) unit that can be used on a cordless or landline phone line, has the last number redial functionality and even on/off and hangup buttons so you can hang up easily when you get frustrated with people not picking up.”





Waterwood offers a new, high-quality phone tester for linemen. The best part of this telephone tester is that it’s made for the linemen, so they don’t have to deal with testing faulty lines themselves. When you’re in the business and need something quick and reliable on hand, waterward has got your back!
The package includes both selectors and connectors; it’s very easy to set up the product.

Phone testing just isn’t complete until you get the phone down on all fours. Because if your handset only works one way, and there are people who will be talking to you from their butt, then waterwood can happen. So somebody invented a tester for telephone wire that was rugged enough to withstand this type of treatment. You can turn it off and hang up now!

Brand new and High quality.
This set offers Last number redial, On/Off and hangup buttons, so the lineman can check your telephone line fault.
FSK/DTMF dual system.
Hangup button. Last number redial.
Package includes:
1x Telephone tester
2x Connectors
1x Joiner

Waterwood is a registered brand, is not the counterfeit, if needs to purchase, please recognize the accurate trademark

The telephone tester uses FSK/DTMF dual system.
Last number redial.
On/Off and hangup buttons.
Easy for the lineman to check your telephone line fault.
With a waterwood tower as gift

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