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SECURE A COM Says Thanks To Our YouTube Viewers

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You guys are the best! I just want to give a big shout out to all the people from over the world who watch our YouTube channel. You have been with us from some time now as you can see from this image, we started in 2014. I started as just a way to store work videos for our clients, and us thinking no one would ever see one of our videos. Well, that didn’t happen. You guys and girls have kept coming back and you have shared and commented and liked my videos, it’s a little overwhelming. Thank you so so much for all your ongoing support.

This chanel can be a challenge sometimes. We never know who is keeping tabs, but sometimes we find out. One of the best things about this channel it has managed to get ISP’s, Telstra and NBN to resolve our customer’s network issues by pointing out and proving without a showdown of a doubt that a fault is inside the distribution network and not inside the customers home wiring.

Many industry people now watch this, welcome. Hopefully, together we can keep dragging the country forward to a faster and more reliable internet service that we can one day be proud of.



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