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Service Area 5 Pricing Greater Sydney

Because you ar on this page that make us practically neighbors. We have created special pricing just for you. You won’t find a better price anywhere for the quaility of service and customer satisfaction

Why We Stand Above The Rest

We have helped thousands of other people just like you get the technology side of their life sorted. We can help you do the same.

Online Reporting

Sometimes getting your ISP to act on a network fault when they believe it is within your internal wiring can be a nightmare. We can create you an online report and email you a link.

Video Reporting

Video reports documenting test results and showing exactly the issue with your service. It will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and the link emailed to you.

PDF Reporting

We have a specially designed app to create your report while we are still on site with you. Test results, images, description, and conclusion emailed to you before we leave.

Outstanding Service

We provide such an outstanding service we receive referrals from most of the major ISP to help their customers when the problem needs an ACMA registered cabler

Specialised Testing

Using the latest testing equipment for locating phone, internet, data, and TV faults. Our techs are experts and highly trained and professional and are specialists in their field.

Multi Skilled Techs

Our techs can perform multiple tasks on any given job, as they are trained in voice, data, internet, basic I.T and pay and free to air TV and pay TV installation and repair

Keeping You Connected

Telecommunications these days is extremely multifaceted industry with may different technologies working together to create the experience we know and love.  We shine in helping you stay connected on all the these levels and are there in a flash when something breaksdown or goes wrong.


Here you will find some questions we are often asked about our service

What if my job goes over the hour?

That’s not a problem. If your technician has time to perform extra tasks for you, or your fault or installations turns out to be bigger or more complicated than planed for, we can charge you on 30 min labour blocks if the hours has lapse.

Do you provide quotes?

Yes, for service area 1 we will provide you with a free 10 min home visit to quote on all types of installations. We don’t provide quotes on faults as faults are unknown.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! We certainly do. Your PDF report is guarantee on our labour and our workmanship, in the unlikely circumstance that our technician had made an error we will return to make good. Parts covered by manufacturer warranty

Can I cancel at any time?

Well not at anytime. We would hope that you would give us at least a days notice of cancellation so we can fill that technicians time slot with another valued clients work-order. We play nice, so we would hope you do too.

What if i need material to fix my fault?

All our techs are stocked with quality parts that meet rigorous Australian standards. If your job needs a socket or some cable then we will add it to your final invoice at our discounted retail cost.

What if i need to reschedule?

We make it easy for you to reschedule your appointment. Once you make an appointment with us you will receive a text and email with a link to your client portal. From there you can reschedule appointments as well as make payments, share documents and book appointment

Client Portal

We have a easy to use client portal for you so you can manage all you correspondence, shared documents, payments, and booking.

Speak to a Technician

When you call our office in Miranda you will speak with an industry professional who can speak your language. Got a question? Call us now.

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