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Is Kogan NBN Good?

Is Kogan NBN Good?

Is Kogan NBN Good?


I’ve been considering switching my internet service provider and came across Kogan NBN. I’ve heard mixed reviews about them. Can you provide a detailed review on Kogan NBN’s services, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects?

Here Is your answer to 'Is Kogan NBN Good?'

Here Is your answer to 'Is Kogan NBN Good?'


Is Kogan NBN Good? A Comprehensive Review

Kogan, a well-known brand in the Australian market, has ventured into the NBN space, offering a range of plans to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. But the question on many potential customers’ minds is, “Is Kogan NBN good?” To answer this, we’ve delved deep into customer reviews to provide a comprehensive overview of their services.


Positive Feedback:


  1. Employee Assistance: Some customers have had positive experiences with Kogan’s employees. For instance, Mr. Harjinder was mentioned for making the connection process easy to understand and efficient.
  2. Prompt Communication: A few customers mentioned receiving prompt SMS and email notifications, which kept them informed about their order status.


Areas of Concern:

  1. Connection Issues: Several customers reported issues with their NBN connection, including regular dropouts and no internet signal, even after setting up their modems correctly.
  2. Customer Service: A recurring theme in the reviews is the challenge of reaching Kogan’s customer service. Many have reported long wait times on calls, with some even suggesting the need to approach the telecommunications ombudsman for resolution.
  3. Billing Concerns: Some customers noticed unexpected charges on their bills. One particular review highlighted a sudden increase in charges without prior notification.
  4. Modem Quality: A few users raised concerns about the free modem provided by Kogan. They mentioned low signal strength, which could be a contributing factor to the connection dropouts experienced by some.
  5. General Queries: There were several questions about the services, billing, and product availability. It seems there’s a need for clearer communication channels for customers to get their queries addressed promptly.


Conclusion: While Kogan NBN does have its advocates, the reviews suggest there are areas where the service could be improved, particularly in customer support and connection stability. Potential customers should weigh the pros and cons, consider their individual needs, and perhaps look into other user experiences in their specific area before making a decision.

Remember, every ISP will have its mix of positive and negative reviews. It’s essential to do thorough research and perhaps even test the service for a short period before committing long-term. Find online reviews here. 

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