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How much does it cost to relocate your NBN NTD (box)?

How much does it cost to relocate your NBN NTD (box)?

How much does it cost to relocate your NBN NTD (box)?


I’ve recently had my NBN box (NTD) installed, but it’s in a spot that’s not ideal for my home setup. I’m considering moving it closer to my main devices like my TV and computer for better speed. Can I have it relocated, and if so, what might be the approximate cost? Also, is there an alternative solution to physically moving the box to improve connection to my devices?

Here is a rough guide to costs

Here is a rough guide to costs


Relocating your NBN box (NTD) is possible, and if it’s placed in an inconvenient location, it’s recommended to engage a professional company to move it. The cost for relocating the NTD can vary based on the size of your house and the current location of the NTD.


On average, the cost to relocate your NBN box inside your house typically ranges between $360-$500, depending on various factors. However, if the primary reason for relocating the NBN box is to optimise speed and have it closer to devices like a TV or computer, an alternative solution might be to install a CAT6 data cable between the NTD and the desired modem or phone location.

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